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Number: 2010 "OSU State" address

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Above: President OSU Ed Ray.

$ 620 million
Is achieved by the campaign for OSU at the end of September 2010.OSU expects to announce intentions to expand the fundraising and State an objective higher later this month.

$ 275 million
Research grants and contracts for 2009-2010

$ 100 million
This amount has been raised so far in the campaign for OSU scholarship

$ 92 million
Donors to support teachers, staff, students, facilities, equipment and programmes of the last year

$ 11 million
The amount of more than 2,700 employees current and former scholars have contributed to the campaign for OSU.

2 900
First cycle Oregon students attending OSU without tuition and fees year last of fellowships, such as the bridge to success

Registration at OSU last year

Registration expected this year.

$ 2.5 million
The amount of the University Provost comes from $ 2.5 million in additional hires Fund this year to reduce the burden of current faculty training (mainly in science and liberal arts colleges)

New recruits to the faculty should be allocated over the next two years

50 %
New recruits teachers will be in the Division of arts and sciences

5-10 %
% Cut of the State budget planned yet this another 25 percent cuts année.Un is planned for the next biennium.

In addition to the voluntary metropolis and the absence of raises this experienced faculty last year, the Governor of the State requested freezing wages at OSU to extend at least one year.

Number of additional metropolis and layoffs planned for the next year, if OSU can take control of several of its money from the state tuition fees.

Scheduled to open or reopen this year buildings: Linus Pauling Science Center, Hall education and living international facility and the Centre of learning side of the open will be Haley Ford Center for the family and child (summer 2011) and the student success Center (autumn 2012) .Collecte Fund is almost completed a new College of business building.

Classroom remodeling last summer address surpeuplement.Améliorations in classrooms over 50 are supposed to be completed by next fall.

-State of the address of the University by President Ed Ray for members of the Oregon Senate information State University Faculty on 14 October 2010.

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