Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to be happy.

Most people say they are happy or at least wish to become pregnant. The trouble is that most people say they are without talent. To be happy, you must maintain good attiude, will keep the negativity away from you and be lulled by your best experiences because otherwise you could escape to happiness spontanné. Remember that happiness is living at present. The regrets of the past and fear of the future might interfere with achieving happiness. Here is a list of attitudes that should help you succeed in achieving happiness in daily life:
1 - Decide to be happy. Look for the simple things that make you happy.
2 - Make the best of the situation. We all need to face reality (good or bad).
3 - Do not take itself too seriously. Accept that you will have to cope with a disaster like everyone else.
4 - Do not imitate your neighbor. Be yourself.
5 - Do the things you love but stay away from debts.
6 - Do not invent the problems. The imaginary disorders are actually harder to bear than real. (There is no imaginary solutions)
7 - hatred poisons the mind. Do not hold a grudge against people. If someone makes you unhappy, do it!
8 - Do not be afraid of mistakes you made. Correct them if you can so you will move on.
9 - Try to help those less fortunate than you. This is one of the most important steps that will bring you much happiness.
10 - Take care and be involved. This way you will not have time to dwell on misfortune.
And do not forget that happiness does not come from having what you want but wanting what you have!
Another natural way to achieve happiness is meditation. Learn to meditate every day so you can have a more informed view on the situations around you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

49 Recipes Therapeutics of my great-mother

I chose this title "49 Recipes Therapeutics of my great-mother" because it is the interest that all advice and stories have aroused in me when I was a child.
You will say: "even a cookbook!"

The reason, the urge to write this book comes from the wonderful legacy that I left my very rich great grandmother Eugenie, rich knowledge at all levels: botany, minerals, chemicals, food and livelihood in nature.
I, for that, you wanted to communicate through this little book the same interest in child or adult, eager to learn and appreciative knowledge of the ancients.
I was lucky to know this woman who had gone through almost 2 centuries (born in 1898 - allocated in 1995), wars, who knew a lot of things and knew a thousand share advice on all areas.
A character in a skirt with a philosophy of life, mental health, physical, rich, sweetness, wisdom, generosity, fairness, short of the qualities I have rarely met in the same person.
Besides his character, I learned a lot through his avant-garde concepts of ecology, not only from the standpoint of economy since it had been spendthrift difficulties and shortages of the 2 world wars, but especially against the respect for others and nature.
Eugenie, had just learned to write - was that what made her so infallible memory. It was a sort of diary, full of graffiti, notes, pictures, newspaper clippings ...
There are about a year, I took my own notes, I had begun under his dictation a few years before his departure and his newspaper revenue. I say paper because it was easy to date here and there, revenue, tips, tricks by articles contained therein, by a date written in his hand.
So I gathered for you a choice quite arbitrary of my favorite recipes. They have a taste of yesteryear when returning as many happy memories of my childhood with him and those of my grandmother and great aunts and uncles.
I spent many holidays in the large family house in the countryside, I saw all the seasons scroll, long summers to cold winters. Perhaps you also have memories of this kind, perhaps I just like to mention here a journey into another era.
Some recipes are indeed sometimes difficult to achieve today by the ingredients but I wanted to show you their ecological character and craft that we look again.
I would also like to warn you, for those who try the recipes in the oven for example, to sanitize your oven for baking, it varies from one oven to another. I put rather as an indication of the cooking time and the thermostat.
The same goes for the quantity of ingredients.
It only remains for me to wish you enjoy these recipes and have fun by experimenting.

Here's an excerpt:


If you have your teeth set on edge, or from drinking too cold, or from eating fruit acids, you will instantly disappear the uncomfortable feeling that you experience by fusing a pinch of salt in your mouth.


You can relieve pain by topical application of a few drops of clove oil. Soak a piece of cotton that you put on the tooth. Or, place directly or 2 cloves around the tooth that hurts you. This fact must consult a dentist as soon as possible.

Dental Abscess

Place 25 sheets of ivy in a pot with good old wine and a little coarse salt. Boil until fully cooked leaves, remove from heat and let cool until you can take a sip in your mouth on the side of the tooth.

Another remedy easier

Boil 0.5 L of water with 2 or 3 tablespoons of salt. Make a mouthwash with this preparation, hotter than you can bear. Attention never compresses hot outside, cheeks or lips. See a dentist immediately.

The benefits of cosmetic surgery

The psychological benefits
The body reveals our relationship, our relationship and our presence in the world. The perception of our body is reflected in our personality and our behavior in society. It influences our emotional and social life. When we do not feel good in our body, we normally project directly or subjective a negative self-image. Cosmetic surgery can help solve a problem of appearance.

The goal of surgery is to modify a relationship with oneself, the body sometimes lived inside so altered secondarily to live better and change their interactions with others. Improving the physical appearance, cosmetic surgery improves self-esteem. Your appearance affects how others judge you. It plays a role as important as your personality when you meet someone for the first time.

In today's society, beauty is a criterion of paramount importance. We never twice the opportunity to make a good impression. We live in a society in which image the beauty of a fine physique enhance social relations and, possibly, help improve social success.

The influence of cosmetic surgery in society
For ten years, plastic surgery has expanded enormously, particularly among women 25 to 50 years. Changes of attitudes and the emergence of new techniques allow for easier use of cosmetic surgery. Today, cosmetic surgery are becoming more controlled. The progress and development of safer technologies and less invasive have increased the quality of services offered. Current treatments provide dramatic results. We know better than ever restore the shapes and volumes, remodel reliefs while obtaining a natural and lasting result. The risks are now minimal, and reliable methods for obtaining natural and lasting results. However, these surgical procedures with their risks and drawbacks. It is intended for healthy individuals.

These figures speak for themselves
According to ASAPS (American Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery), 82% of acts performed by surgeons are not invasive (medical). Between 1997 and 2007, growth in this sector is 457% for surgery and 754% for less invasive treatments. In 2008, women still represent 91% of applications. The top 5 surgical procedures in descending order are: 1 - Breast Augmentation, 2 - Liposuction, 3 - Facelift, 4 - Rhinoplasty, 5 - Abdominoplasty.

So why not start?
A recent study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) showed that 85% of respondents would like to achieve at least one plastic surgery if they had the chance.

The decision of an operation should never be taken lightly, it requires reflection and a clear and detailed. Consultation before intervention can clarify the nature and various aspects of the application, identify the real motives deeper to assess the expected benefit to the patient. The surgeon establishes the technical correction provides effective and safe, it also assesses the psychological capacity to adapt to physical changes requested.

Plastic surgery, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, contributes to good physical and psychological. It can reveal a person, highlighting strengths and personality, erasing any possible flaws or defects. Cosmetic surgery can regain confidence in itself and in its relations with others, to assert his personality. A personal development and a new look for the entourage often open up new opportunities ... a new life begins.

"I decided to be happy, because it's good for health." ~ ~ Voltaire

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jojoba oil, mink oil and argan oil Sanca

Starting from the simple fact that beauty was not the prerogative of youth, Sanca has developed a range of natural beauty products specially designed to fight against the effects of time and reduce the signs of age. Sanca values are authenticity, naturalness and desire to perpetuate beauty recipes that have proved successful, while bringing the latest advances in science.
The proposed lines have also been designed so that each can find, according to its needs, the care best suited:
- An intense nutrition range, produced from oil, jojoba oil, known for its hydrating, protective and regulatory.
- A wide restructuring, developed from argan oil, known for its firming properties, nutrients and protective.
- A range regenerating, produced from oil, mink oil, recognized as one of the best barriers against the signs of aging.
Sanca also offers a range of care anti age, serum or remodeling Fatigue, day cream and night cream, concentrates of active anti aging fight against the harmful effects of weather, pollution or fatigue. Sanca offers currently offers a discovery about the range of anti-age care. It would be a shame not to enjoy the discounts!
Much information about the beauty products offered are available on the site Sanca.fr. Site where you can join the club Sanca and benefit from free products, be informed about news and get a sneak preview of promotions.
Sanca also offers the possibility to discover its products at meetings at home. On this occasion, two products will be offered! If a meeting you are interested, please contact the company, which recruits also ambassadors of beauty in VDI status throughout France.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The shea butter for very dry hair, curly, frizzy

The hair is very dry and curly are good but fragile!

A hair style for curly or frizzy acquired its existing structure to best protect the scalp against sun and a high humidity (moisture) large, two characters that are found in Africa where the hair was originally published .
The curly hair is perfectly suited to its climate:
It is thick and dense
The scalp, to offset the moisture is drier than European hair. The pores are tighter.
The sebaceous glands provide moisture to the scalp according to the stimulation of the sun.
That is why Europeans hair curly or frizzy visiting Africa when the Caribbean will have the distinct feeling of having hair better in this climate. Once back from vacation, deception is required. Temperate climates cause many troubles with this type of hair.
See all the natural and external factors that make the hair curly or kinky one of the most beautiful but also most difficult to treat.

Natural factors.

The hair curly or kinky resents the European climate.
By its very nature, spiral or "corkscrew", the hair is poorly hydrated. For two reasons, firstly the sebaceous glands are naturally "under-production, and lack of sebum that is produced is difficult to spread over the entire length of the hair fiber, it is extremely fragile.
In temperate or European hair curly or frizzy see these problems getting worse:
The pores of the scalp, in this climate less humid and less cloudy, will strengthen and reinforce the lack of sebum.
The scalp, dry, becomes very sensitive, prone to irritation, dandruff and even sporiasisme.

The external factors.

In addition to the problems inherent in the structure of the hair or curly afro, some hair care practices widely used contribute to literally destroy the structure of hair:
Braids too heavy, too tight or complex (hair loss in "traction")
Capping a hot iron, mechanical or chemical burns.
Staining with products containing sodium hydroxide.
Straightening, whose goal is to "break" the hair structure.
"Grease" hair-based oil.


A hair straightened, without special care, becomes dull and brittle from root to tip. The alternation of such care without leaving the hair "rest" increases the phenomenon. A hair "manhandled" by Nattages, additions and / or straightening their hair shafts will be broken, regardless of their length.
"Fat Hair" a habit to avoid!
Many people tend to confuse "lubrication" and hydration. This is not the same thing! Fats can suffocate the hair and scalp, avoid fat-containing oil, and promote products based on proteins, and of course, Shea.

The technique of Low Poo.

Because the composition of shampoos on the market too aggressively, a set of new practices are developed against the use of shampoo for curly hair.
The concept was popularized by the book "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey, an American claiming two different techniques: the "No Poo" (no shampoo), simply deleted the shampoo to replace one after shampooing when washing. It's "Low Poo" shampoo soft focus at a very spaced (one week or 10 days) to wash only the scalp, focusing balm or after shampooing to untangle.

My recommendations:
The washing shampoo shea should happen once a week, not more.
This pre-wash the shampoo is designed primarily to wash the scalp and does not depend on untangling.

1.Sous the shower, thoroughly wet your hair without touching them, you can substitute water for the shower to a fogger, frequently used technique.
2.Il is unnecessary to rub the hair, but it must be handled with delicacy and especially focus on massage and wash the scalp with your fingertips.
Do not dry your hair because it comes balm with shea butter that will allow you to untangle your hair as effectively as possible.

The specialists will confirm the association of organic shea butter and wheat proteins are the perfect action to repair, moisturize and provide a perfect detangling your beautiful hair.

I suggest you proceed as follows:
1.Appliquez extensively on restorative balm on the top of the hair and neck.
2. your hair, section by section, starting from the back, then sides, then the crown. Use your fingers, which are the best tool ever invented hair, comb or a comb with very large teeth.
3.in the direction of the hair, but starting with small sections near the peak, back in the match as and when.
4.Rincez carefully your hair without excessive handling.
5.Enroulez your hair in a towel without stirring, but by pressing the towel to absorb excess water.
6.Cheveux still wet, do your usual hairstyle.

Regular practice of these tips will ensure hair repaired, nourished and alive!
Avoid products and techniques hot, suffocating, stifling, adding to ...
Emphasize natural, organic, protein, and the best.


Know your hair for better treatment.

Morphology and physiology of hair.
The structure of the hair.
The hair above all have a role in physical protection of the skin: the man walking upright, the skull is the most exposed, particularly to sunlight.
The visible part of hair is biologically dead. Indeed, the living part of hair is in the follicle.
Hair is composed mainly of keratin, fibrous molecule that gives hair its strength. Keratin is also a major constituent of nails and even the hooves of animals.
The hair at an average diameter between 70 and 80 thousandths of a millimeter and is composed of different layers from the pith in the center, to peripheral scales.
The hair is rooted in a follicle, the matrix that creates and nourishes through the blood vessels.
Besides the hair, there is a small gland, the sebaceous gland that produces a slightly oily liquid called sebum to protect against external aggressions.
The hair color is given by the melanin pigment in the hair shaft, which is synthesized by specific cells: the melanocytes.

The hair fiber is composed of three main structures:
1.La cuticle, transparent covering of hair, she has small scales that fit together like tiles on a roof. It is the protective layer of hair, if it is damaged, the inside of the hair is weakened and it may rupture.
2.The cortex, consisting of "parallel rolls" containing keratin, and melanin that gives color.
3.La marrow, it is made of proteins.

Hair growth.
On average, hair contains 120 000 170 000 hair!
Hair grows in a cyclical rhythm:
A growth phase, which lasts three to seven years, during which the hair grows.
A regression phase, two to three weeks, during which the follicle no longer produces hair.
A resting phase, three to four months, during which the hair dies and falls.

Different types of hair.
The hair is different from one person to another, they have their problems and their characteristics:
1.The normal hair: his hair had no problems, no excess sebum, no film, idyllic, but rare!
2.The fine hair: it's a genetic inheritance, such as eye color. Fine hair gives the impression of being very small. In reality, a person with fine hair as many hair than others, but their subtlety makes them flat and lacks volume.
3.The hair dull: perms too aggressive, stains poorly made, hard water, make hair dull. They lack brightness.
4.The dry hair: they are rough to the touch, brittle and split ends. These abnormalities are caused by a lack of sebum due to an abnormality in sebaceous glands. The secretion of sebum, which protects the hair, is so inadequate. Most often, the hair becomes dry due to a bad treatment (unsuitable shampoo, brushing, staining, sun ...). The hair must first be rehydrated.
5.The hair "Afro" hair that is thick, curly, is fairly dense. The scalp and very dry. Hair "insults" are most vulnerable because they have very tight curls. This fragility is exacerbated by habits of hair: 13, additions, faces, hair awareness. Therefore the "pampered" with the utmost care by providing special care to feed them (an entire article devoted to this type of hair on my blog).
6.The greasy hair: it is most often an excess of sebum that causes it. Sebum has three functions: it lubricates the hair, making it waterproof and supple. It also protects against the wind, pollution ... But an annoyance, injury, hormonal imbalance can disrupt the functions of sebum. The bold hair is fragile, we must take the utmost care.
7.The Dandruff: Dandruff is caused by excessive production of dead cells that stick together to form white particles. There are two types of film:
dandruff flakes are dry, which adhere more or less hair and is usually found on the shoulders! Several causes are mentioned: stress, emotions, diet, climate, hormonal activity, fatigue, dry scalp due to the use of too aggressive.
The oily film are larger than the film because they agglomerate dry them, oil serving as glue. These films adhere to the scalp. There is also an abnormal proliferation of Malassezia furfur (fungus flora of the skin), causing irritation and inflammation of the scalp resulting in an acceleration of cell renewal and thus the formation of scales. This phenomenon is often accompanied by itching.
The dry films are most frequently and use a mild dandruff care enough to solve the problem.

The shapes of hair.
The nature of hair (curly, straight ,...) is related to the shape of the diameter of the hair, determining its cosmetic appearance, brilliance, and ability of sebum to coat the hair.
The straight hair is the brightest because they have a smooth surface for maximum reflection of light.

The colors.
Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks, Chinese, Romans, used for vegetable for more nuanced colorings.
Elder, chestnut, chamomile, walnut trees have long been used for coloring hair. Then came the era of synthetic dyes.
We distinguish:
Temporary coloring (colored deposit on the surface of the hair) that eliminated the shampoo.
The coloring process called "permanent" using oxidation dyes, which penetrate into the hair. These are the most used (80%).
Be careful not to abuse the color makes hair brittle and rough!

Hair is exposed to the same attacks the skin, they become brittle and dry to the touch of sun and water. Comb too aggressively, the act of braiding hair, stress, smoking, alcohol are harmful to hair.
It must therefore provide the specific treatment to restore their health!

Why do our hair, they are brown, blond or red?
The color of our hair depends on molecules called respectively, eumelanin (black pigment melanin) and pheomelanin (yellow pigment melanin and red). It is the mixture of the two that give color to hair.
whether eumelanin is found exclusively, our hair will be a very dark brown.
If péomélanine becomes the sole monomer, they will be red.
Mixtures more nuanced leave room for intermediate hues such as blond, light brown or dark brown ...

Small tips to have healthy hair.
1.Bien eat! Some inputs are required such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, zinc, copper, iron, ... The hair health requires good nutrition.
2.Use care contractors that consolidate, depth and surface, weak hair.
3.Application masks repairers to feed in depth the hair fiber.
4.Rincer length hair, ending with a jet of cold water to make them more brilliant.
5.Démêler hair, always starting with the tips to avoid breakage.
6.Éviter anything that alters the keratin as untimely brushing, styling tools ill-suited, the permanent discoloration.
7.Ne not forget to regularly cut the tips of hair to revitalize it.

For hair look healthy and shine!
Our hair is naturally protected. This protection is gradually destroyed by the wind, sun, pollution, intensive styling ... Therefore, the scales differ and spoil them. The hair becomes coarse and forked. It loses its shine.
The picture is clear: if hair is dull, the hair shaft is damaged!
Action Needed:
Anticipate and enhance, protect hair from sun damage with a shampoo with UV filters (UV from altering pigments) and protective agents in color.
Maintain, use shampoos with natural plant extracts which prolong color as the sunflower. The hair will be protected and less susceptible to outside attacks.
Choose care softly, Mr. Frederick uses no synthetic dye for full respect of human hair.

What is the Shea?

Its origins.
The shea Wolof called the "butter tree" grows in woodland on the slopes of hills or on shelves across West Africa. This particular tree is protected by local people that give a mystic protector. Its average life is three centuries, but it begins to produce its first until about 25 years and reaches full production around 45 to 50 years.
The shea that grows only in the wild. Attempts to date to control the cultivation of this tree have been unsuccessful. Fruit picking is done by women after field work. This activity occupies 300 000 400 000 single women in Burkina Faso and Mali. 3 000 000 women would derive 80% of their income from this crop.
The fruits ripen in the month of June It stands of trees and their fall is favored by the winds that open at this time of year. The shea fruit is collected between mid-June and mid-September. Once freed from the pulp, recovered the black one which we extract the fine. This fine once washed and dried with it, is bought to women in villages or processed locally.
The fine is then crushed, roasted, ground until a thick paste, mixed with water will be vigorously hut.
Immersion in boiling water will help separate the butter from other fine ingredients, including impurities that settle to the bottom.
In Frederic M. butter oil extracted from the shea nut will be refined, neutralized, bleached, in a manner respecting the traditional product and not involving any chemical preservatives. Because of the careful extraction, our shea butter and certified that the outcome of organic farming.
Shea butter is for centuries, both curative and culinary products sought and appreciated by the African population. Shea butter is used for sprains, colds and sores. Today the properties of Shea will be recognized by the medical Africans and Europeans.
Today and over the millennia Shea is operated in its entirety by African families:
Food: butter shea butter is a good cooking and for sauces
for medicine: infusion of bark, relax.
for cosmetics: shea butter is a product of toilet for the whole family and even infants. In after-shave for men, women balm that anoint the hair every day.
Legend has it that there was Nefertiti's beauty shea butter which she lathered his face and body daily.
The major cosmetic virtues of shea butter.
Protection Hair: Smooth, flexibility, vitality.
Shea and keratin are two words sounding similar and are made for each other. Shea butter nourish, protect, read your hair. It is ideal for very dry hair, brittle, curly or devitalized.
Shea butter has been used for decades for its hydrating the upper layers of the epidermis and the protective film hydrolipidic skin. The application of shea butter on the skin of the face, body, or even the eye, form a protective film that holds water in your skin longer. The shea butter penetrates more slowly but in a skin cream classic because of its great wealth.
Promoting microcirculation, shea butter is also known for its muscle relaxing effect (adding in a hot bath). It is also appreciated and used against pains and rheumatism.
Protective and restorative.
Greater protection against the cold, shea butter and the ideal agent to combat cracking, redness and assault due to extreme temperatures (hot or cold). Free riders, mountain guide hikers know its protective properties, especially on the face of the lips. The famous "film" deposited by shea on the skin, protects it for many hours throughout the cold exposure.
Facing the sun, shea butter, although a natural UV filter, not enough to protect the skin. However applied before sun exposure and completed a sunscreen, it can not peel and provides a tan uniform.
Anti-aging and anti-stretch marks.
Very rich in fatty acids (phytosterols), and insaponinfiables latex shea butter restores elasticity of dry skin, dehydrated, prone to wrinkles. This function of cell reconstitution and anti-elastase contributes to preserve the skin from the effects of aging and to fight effectively against stretch marks.
As you can see the Shea has special qualities.
In my next article I will speak of shea and hair.
You can also check out my blog or already in other articles on parabens, bio, etc..

Acne: The Solution

By adopting a treatment "against acne, it is sometimes very easy to end up frustrated. Today there are so many acne treatments cons to such an extent that it becomes very embarrassing to know what treatment to choose. Here are some tips to help you get rid of your acne

"Do not pinch or touch any button. The only result
you get by doing this is a button redder
and inflamed because of the way you distribute bacteria to other
parts of your face and you introduce new bacteria into what is becoming an open wound, and you may in this way to have a severe scar

-Put an ice pack on the button for a few unpleasant
minutes and do the same thing every half hour. Use an ice cube, but wrap it in a piece of cloth to prevent the skin that surrounds the button is burned. The ice will help reduce the swelling and pain.

-Have on hand a tube of cream or ointment emergency cons acne that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid and apply on pimples. Avoid the possible use of these products in extensive areas because they are very drying.

-Avoid any personal care product that contains toxic chemicals derived from petrochemical products is called "acne cons" and also avoid synthetic fragrances.

-Remember that the best creams are those that contain benzoyl peroxide, the application of the cream remains one of the treatments against acne the most effective and which are available over the counter, even better, some categories are natural and contain around 2.5% benzoyl peroxide which is an ideal level.

-Wash your face at least three times a day without using harsh chemicals or fragrance. Rub the skin gently without using anything harder than a clean towel for makeup or other accessories that may accompany the products against acne.

You will notice very shortly after starting to use a good cream that you are about to get good results, but this does not mean that you have completed your treatment against acne

The gel of benzoyl peroxide will dry your acne as and
and why you should continue to apply in a consistent manner.