Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to be happy.

Most people say they are happy or at least wish to become pregnant. The trouble is that most people say they are without talent. To be happy, you must maintain good attiude, will keep the negativity away from you and be lulled by your best experiences because otherwise you could escape to happiness spontanné. Remember that happiness is living at present. The regrets of the past and fear of the future might interfere with achieving happiness. Here is a list of attitudes that should help you succeed in achieving happiness in daily life:
1 - Decide to be happy. Look for the simple things that make you happy.
2 - Make the best of the situation. We all need to face reality (good or bad).
3 - Do not take itself too seriously. Accept that you will have to cope with a disaster like everyone else.
4 - Do not imitate your neighbor. Be yourself.
5 - Do the things you love but stay away from debts.
6 - Do not invent the problems. The imaginary disorders are actually harder to bear than real. (There is no imaginary solutions)
7 - hatred poisons the mind. Do not hold a grudge against people. If someone makes you unhappy, do it!
8 - Do not be afraid of mistakes you made. Correct them if you can so you will move on.
9 - Try to help those less fortunate than you. This is one of the most important steps that will bring you much happiness.
10 - Take care and be involved. This way you will not have time to dwell on misfortune.
And do not forget that happiness does not come from having what you want but wanting what you have!
Another natural way to achieve happiness is meditation. Learn to meditate every day so you can have a more informed view on the situations around you.

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