Saturday, January 9, 2010

49 Recipes Therapeutics of my great-mother

I chose this title "49 Recipes Therapeutics of my great-mother" because it is the interest that all advice and stories have aroused in me when I was a child.
You will say: "even a cookbook!"

The reason, the urge to write this book comes from the wonderful legacy that I left my very rich great grandmother Eugenie, rich knowledge at all levels: botany, minerals, chemicals, food and livelihood in nature.
I, for that, you wanted to communicate through this little book the same interest in child or adult, eager to learn and appreciative knowledge of the ancients.
I was lucky to know this woman who had gone through almost 2 centuries (born in 1898 - allocated in 1995), wars, who knew a lot of things and knew a thousand share advice on all areas.
A character in a skirt with a philosophy of life, mental health, physical, rich, sweetness, wisdom, generosity, fairness, short of the qualities I have rarely met in the same person.
Besides his character, I learned a lot through his avant-garde concepts of ecology, not only from the standpoint of economy since it had been spendthrift difficulties and shortages of the 2 world wars, but especially against the respect for others and nature.
Eugenie, had just learned to write - was that what made her so infallible memory. It was a sort of diary, full of graffiti, notes, pictures, newspaper clippings ...
There are about a year, I took my own notes, I had begun under his dictation a few years before his departure and his newspaper revenue. I say paper because it was easy to date here and there, revenue, tips, tricks by articles contained therein, by a date written in his hand.
So I gathered for you a choice quite arbitrary of my favorite recipes. They have a taste of yesteryear when returning as many happy memories of my childhood with him and those of my grandmother and great aunts and uncles.
I spent many holidays in the large family house in the countryside, I saw all the seasons scroll, long summers to cold winters. Perhaps you also have memories of this kind, perhaps I just like to mention here a journey into another era.
Some recipes are indeed sometimes difficult to achieve today by the ingredients but I wanted to show you their ecological character and craft that we look again.
I would also like to warn you, for those who try the recipes in the oven for example, to sanitize your oven for baking, it varies from one oven to another. I put rather as an indication of the cooking time and the thermostat.
The same goes for the quantity of ingredients.
It only remains for me to wish you enjoy these recipes and have fun by experimenting.

Here's an excerpt:


If you have your teeth set on edge, or from drinking too cold, or from eating fruit acids, you will instantly disappear the uncomfortable feeling that you experience by fusing a pinch of salt in your mouth.


You can relieve pain by topical application of a few drops of clove oil. Soak a piece of cotton that you put on the tooth. Or, place directly or 2 cloves around the tooth that hurts you. This fact must consult a dentist as soon as possible.

Dental Abscess

Place 25 sheets of ivy in a pot with good old wine and a little coarse salt. Boil until fully cooked leaves, remove from heat and let cool until you can take a sip in your mouth on the side of the tooth.

Another remedy easier

Boil 0.5 L of water with 2 or 3 tablespoons of salt. Make a mouthwash with this preparation, hotter than you can bear. Attention never compresses hot outside, cheeks or lips. See a dentist immediately.

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