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The only way to know the success!

Honesty, character, faith, integrity and loyalty are the foundation of success, which includes health, wealth and happiness.

Large program, is not it! But in traveling the path of life, we find that omitting any of the previous principles, man gets life minus a portion of happiness.

By dishonesty, deceit or fraud, we can gain money, but we have few real friends, and very little peace inérieure, despite all appearances seem to say otherwise.

This is not true success.

The man who wins a million, but destroyed his health by doing, not successful, the empire builder, manager of the company that gets back to his family and friends by climbing to the summit, it can not be regarded as having success.

He can make an image of reliability because it has no sense of priority.

In business as in life, the skill is important, but reliability is paramount.

To know the real success usually depends on the person one is not the work, for an enormous task accomplished without foundation of human quality is vanity and striving after wind, in fading away with time.

We must begin by building yourself, then know the effectiveness dasn his actions.

To do this, first determine what you want in life, what kind of person you want to become, by listing all of these elements.

You will complete this list as well as and as your thinking, your experiences and your progress in life.

Like many, your wishes will be informed on the basis of a fulfilled life, as have more real friends, better health, crossance and personal maturity constant, a bank account filled better, more free time, Luckily, perhaps more inner peace, genuine love, of possibility to help others ... all in the order you see fit.

Of course this list is not exhaustive.

For all these things, which are accessible to everyone, you need to develop certain characteristics, certain qualities, just as one has to work his muscles to lift more weight.

These qualities or steps to know and live success, are mainly limited to six.

1) Have and maintain good opinon of course

2) Continue the harmony in your relationship private and public

3) Have strong determination to achieve its objectives, (like you need a plan to build a house, it takes one to build a life)

4) Keep a good mental attitude

5) Have a burning desire to work

6) To continue and wish the best for the pursuit of excellence

And the good news for you is that you already have all these qualities!

In fact, you already have a certain view of yourself, you know the value of human relationships, you have enough mental attitudes, you have goals, too small or they are unconscious, you like a job well done! etc. ....

What you lack is to use the potential in you and give you the chance to develop all these qualities that lie dormant in you.

Personal development is one of the paths to take for success.

"Education", means "drive out" or "extract".
The first objective of Publishing Success is to extract and guide the largest, most efficient and most beautiful person that you contain, and in you.

I am confident that you will benefit from your free listing on our site, and what has yet to benefit, as the books you'll find that you will or you buy, you will learn from you own and you will be successful.

How to transform his desires into reality?

Do not, as some philosophers teach, to consider the desires are contrary to our happiness. They are our providers of life and we can measure the vital value of an individual, his strength, the strength of his desires.
It is healthy to desire ardently, but at the same time with intelligence and thought. When we have recognized that they are reasonable and well thought out, give our desires all the strength we have, even accompany them with enthusiasm.
Yet we must caution against a sort of desires which the force could turn against us. They are those whose realization would entail harm, damage to the injury of others. This wrong, this injury, it is against ourselves it would expand its consequences.
Always ask if my wish will come true this will allow me to be how, what, who ...?
If you have an answer to this question is that desire is important for you and probably very true.
Discover why a desire is not realized and how to make it happen with certainty:
Desire is the beginning of its realization. We all had desires that were not successful. This is because we had not infused their life enough, strong enough and we do not have enough then followed quite fed. Or also fear what would happen if our wishes came true?
For a desire is realized with certainty, we must give the necessary impetus. We must also firmly persevere in this desire not to lose sight.
A prerequisite for the realization of a wish is to have faith. Firmly believe in the realization and act accordingly and the performance will be.
If we think about well, the desire is the mainspring of progress. While most of our desires are dis ¬ DIFS and die early, that they have their main microbes which is doubt. "I wish this well, this," one hears often, but this ... "but" this con ¬ tional, that the microbe.
Eh, let this "but" for later, let our desire to present and add a statement: "I want this and I get it."
Tackling this question is to diminish the strength of worries and fears. In doing so, our mind will obey our suggestions immediately and strong spiritual waves provide us what we want. Regardless of how we.
Daring to make our desires become our reality.

The Secrets of Self-Confidence

Trust is the foundation of any work.

There is an extraordinary power in the belief that we can do something.
The man who has great confidence in himself is free from any uncertainty about its place, any doubt about his ability, and fear about the future.

In other words, the man protected by his faith is relieved of many worries and anxieties that terrace who do not have that faith. He has the freedom of his faculties, he has the freedom of his actions, these 2 freedoms necessary for that it can deliver its full extent.

No man can provide everything it can when his mind is hampered by worries, anxiety, fear or uncertainty, no more, we can not physically work when members are contracted by the cramp.
Complete freedom is absolutely necessary for the brain work. Uncertainty and doubt are the greatest enemies of this concentration is the secret of all strength.

Confidence has always been a keystone and it has done wonders in all kinds of efforts.
Anything that increases our confidence in ourselves increases our power.
Men who do great things in this world are characterized by great confidence in themselves, confidence in their power, confidence in the future of the race.

The invincible faith in themselves, and the assurance that they can accomplish everything they had undertaken, were the fundamental principles of all great inventors. Often they began in poverty and have gone through dark years without hope of realizing their dream. They continued to work, and believed that sooner or later the road would open before them.

Think that this attitude of the great inventors hope was for the world! The light would probably never have it for them without their trust, their confidence and their continued efforts.

Between you and the things you want most in the world, there are barriers secret

Between you and the things you want most in the world, there
barriers secret.
Now you can act on these barriers ...
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Which of these 8 problems would you solve?
() Are you often tired (e), stress (e). You get stuck, and you're not in shape. "
() Physically, you do not feel very well. Your health worries you.
() You sometimes ashamed to be afraid to speak in public, lack confidence in you.
() One or more of your behaviors are beyond your control:
- Tobacco - alcohol - bulimia - coffee - more bad habits you want to get rid effortlessly.
() You happen to find an object for hours, a word, an address, telephone number you are beyond: the "hole".
() You miss the vitality and tone, often you put off till tomorrow what can you do now ...
() You have a few extra pounds ... You do not want dieting demanding and yet you would see the needle of the scale lean on the safe side ...
() You like to do better than you do. Some of your hopes, your dreams will not materialize.
Today is a scientific fact, acknowledged by most psychologists. Between you and the things you want most in the world, there are barriers secret that you have no conscience.
It was Sigmund Freud who was the first to study these mechanisms "defenses." Very early in your life, you have unwittingly formed
certain negative beliefs about yourself.
Some of the ideas, opinions that you think yours are not
you. The influence of your parents, the ideas around you, the
advice or opinions of people you admire - or fear that you - have
marked your subconscious, over time, without your knowledge.
These are barriers that prevent you from accessing your dreams and
your unlimited potential.
Y a-t-il une solution? - Yes:
If you could eliminate those barriers, you have access to the full potential of your personality, your talents and your success - which facilitate the full development and success.
Until now, methods used to eliminate these barriers were lengthy, expensive, impractical and required much effort.
Today, "SubliSoft", a new subliminal impregnation method, you can act directly at your subconscious to eliminate these negative barriers.

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7 Programming eliminate you enrich

You're running after money, the ends of months are hard, always on the tightrope, etc.. ... And there is always a scapegoat somewhere including the "luck" or chance.
If you look honestly what you think about money, what you come to mind? How do you feel? What emotions rise suddenly? The relationship one has with money is a set of beliefs that we have forged long ago. But our beliefs sit in our thoughts, they are "inside" of us, then logically it is we and we alone can reverse these beliefs.
I selected 7 common ways of formulating beliefs about money:
1. I do not have enough skills to get more money: does it really make a list of all persons who have succeeded without special qualifications, which are completely self-taught?
2. Money is dirty: that belief is a hard life, all examples mafia invade your mind suddenly. What a choice! And why are not examples of honest people, rich and generous that come to mind?
3. Money corrupts: A good reason not to have to share! Ask yourself a question: What real evidence do you think of that? Not on hearsay or gossip, proof that you have yourself checked. I have good news for you: money is an object, it has no power, but he who has to decide what it is and if you're generous nature, imagine what you could do. Pretending that money corrupts is as ridiculous as saying that the car causing the accident and not reckless driver.
4. If I get rich someone is impoverished: there must be a small theoretical explanation. In the beginning was so barter exchange capacities were limited physically, then came the currency - coins and paper second. We then printed the money based on gold reserves. Since 1976 gold is more a reference, there is much less reserve of gold as money currently in circulation and money when they say we are moving to plastic money and virtual transaction (think trading). Currently the money represents a value-the value of the product or service, but it has no intrinsic value (that of gold for example). Enrichment does not detract from anyone, money is a symbol.
5. I am originally modest: you know the answer, the origin has nothing to do with your wealth, the cons examples are easy to find. Follow the guides instead of complaining, it's possible you have examples of daily and rejoice it is exciting.
6. Better to be poor and happy than rich and unhappy then how many poor are unhappy because they feel constrained and frustrated?
7. The rich keep everything for them: it's the most ridiculous thing that is, people who have money spend it and are living so many others. A significant number of financial, humanitarian or environmental causes that without this support would not exist.
But I tell you what a change in beliefs will do to my financial situation? I simply returns the matter is that belief that you are kept up to now has given you any financial security? So what prevents you from change because nothing works this way? Usually when something goes wrong in our lives, we thought to do things differently. So why not do the same thing with our finances?

Here is how do those who succeed

1 They are willing to try new things, knowing that if it does not, failure is often cleverly disguised as a learning opportunity. They know that at least they tried this thing and tried unlike others who dare not for fear or sub-esteem.

2 They believe in themselves and have confidence in them.
They do not necessarily need others to make decisions, they know instinctively what is right and fair for them and they run towards the path they travel.

If it was necessary to search for information they would.
If there were procedures to follow, they follow too.
However, nothing, absolutely nothing does not slow down their advance, even a discouraging word!

3 They have a life strategy that includes well-developed vision of the goal.
They also have a mission in life writing.

For them, writing is like a commitment.
It is a way to ensure that they forget what they want.

They set goals and have a vision of the desired result.
They maintain their visions pronouncing or saying phrases or quotes positive.

4 They are performing tasks in a team, through an organizational system and a system of time management that work for them. They test again and again.

They make the most of each day.
They are also taking action on tasks they must accomplish that day.
They make every effort to accomplish their intended actions.

5 They are able to discern (see clearly) other reasons and motives, so they carefully choose with whom they must collaborate.
They do not want to waste their time making the wrong choice.

Therefore, they sometimes appeal to someone else who might have an opinion or through constructive compared to theirs.

They surround themselves with people who only have value, that are able to enhance and contribute their skills essential for their development.

They also choose good programs and good places for their entire process takes place with some effectiveness.

6 They draw their inspiration from power by reading books of their focus, magazines and articles.

In fact everything that could be relevant to their own personal development and professional sometimes.

They always try to get more information. They are evidence of some independence.

7 They evaluate the learning process to learn how healthy and happy.

They really learn not only for a specific purpose but also to receive a certificate, diploma, title, etc..

They learn because it is fundamental to them, they are convinced it's worth it.

8 They are teachers of the world, who share their knowledge with others.

They will seek information even if we go around the world.

They sacrifice so that the world can benefit from the information and to share what they have learned.

This is an accomplishment for them.

Their own learning grows and develops.

9 They do not remain the same, they prefer to evolve, grow, flourish and grow.
To stay ahead of the game they invented again and again over time.

10 They are not only aware of topics and specific topics, but also what it means to be a human being at this time in our evolution.

They are insatiably curious and want more to be bigger and brighter, so they evolve naturally.

The mental attitude that leads to success

Many people who want to live their dreams, then that despite all their efforts and talents, they merely wish to remain a dream life. So how do some people to achieve the desired success? In addition, they succeed in everything they do with an easier disconcerting.
Beyond the professional skills and personal qualities, there is another factor to consider. This factor corresponds to our mental attitude, which itself encompasses our values, our beliefs and our thoughts predominate.
Yes, indeed, your values, your beliefs and your thoughts predominantly determines the direction of your life. If your beliefs you are limiting your results will be limited. Similarly, thoughts focused on past failures, difficulties, guide your life again to the difficulties and failure. Like a magnet, thoughts constantly focused on one thing tends to attract to you the object of your thoughts.
Furthermore, it encourages your ability to direct you toward your vision and failure to perform. Hence the importance of controlling your thoughts and choose your beliefs, namely beliefs that support your success. So, never let your thoughts wander constantly to any mental image. But only on what you want.
To this end, replace any negative thought, by constructive thoughts. Especially since, continually thinking your problems, weakness or any kind of problem, stronger. If you think that you continually have problems, you have such a defect, you amplify or become. Because of this, using more negative adjectives to describe yourself. Words like:
Replace them with positive words that express the improvement, so as not to create conflict with your beliefs. As example: "I speak better and better"
Moreover, it is equally important not to compare you to those who apparently seem better than you. When you compare it to some people that seems to be apparently better than you, you tend to you under valued. Therefore, in order to progress and move forward to success and success do not compare to others.
Especially since, to achieve the results you want, you should disregard the apparent mediocrity, or the perceived barriers of reality. This also implies that the word impossible should no longer be part of your beliefs.
Thus, to achieve success, in addition to your skills, qualities and motivations, your thoughts and beliefs must be consistent with your actions. In other words, you must have a mental attitude for success. This means that you have continually in mind, lofty thoughts, mental images of success and achievement. This also implies that you believe you have the capacity and skills to succeed.
Thus, by regularly feeding your mind what you want, while keeping an optimistic attitude, it will be easier to achieve your goals and achieve the desired success.

''Who died of shame, dies faim''-African Proverb

In life you often get what we demand what we deserve.
Negotiation is an art that results from some strong rules.
Here are some tips that I use regularly. Olivier Seban
- Respect your partner:
In negotiating the shape of the demand is certainly more important than substance. This is only the result of human relationships, if you vexez your partner, it may be deaf to your requests. If you arrive by saying "your car is not terrible, but I am willing
you offer 30% less, you have little chance to put the seller in good disposition towards you.
- Do not make the first proposal:
This is not always easy and sometimes you will cause the seller. Ask him to make an effort in arguing that the price exceeds your budget a bit (it is necessary that the reason given is plausible, otherwise you will not be taken seriously). If it asks you to do a cons-proposal, you already know that there is room for negotiation, without having a clear idea of flexibility. However if you give a prize, do not accept at once the first offer. It is likely that you can go even lower.
- Turn the problem:
I have often used this technique with my suppliers in my various businesses. Instead of directly negotiating the price, I wondered what were the requirements to qualify for a 10 or 20%. This way I obliged my partner to be revealed by giving me a new basis for negotiations, while having a clearer idea of its flexibility.
- Negotiate an advantage.
Whether you come or not to get a better price, negotiate benefits. Ask your banker to make an effort on the fees of your credit or car salesman to a more powerful car. Look. You will find something. You can also ask him what gift he is willing to offer if you decide quickly.
- Tip:
The vendor is working to sell and help you buy. They are trained and accustomed to trading. Therefore: do not hesitate. However it is people like you and me. If you become too stressed or disrespectful, you are likely to irritate and get nothing. Without a guarantee that you will get it, you can ask anything you want if you do it with a smile. So, make your request politely and without aggression.
- Last Recommendation:
Negotiation is a subtle game. Whether you are buying or selling, if you're involved and you're not at your end, let you can bounce. If you close the door by the entrenched positions you cut communication and you'll have a hard time
back in the game while remaining credible.

Find out why your self-esteem can she affect your confidence?

We'll talk about a subject that will affect your confidence and your self-esteem.
A low self-esteem can hinder you know that when you communicate
Low self-esteem reduces the confidence of an individual.

The behavior of those who have low self-esteem

The reactions to it vary according to people familiar with this problem.
Some do not choose the right way out.

Often these individuals turn to alcohol, drugs to enhance their confidence in an artificial way. However, such behavior destroys self-esteem.

Those who do not have good self-esteem are very reluctant to face the approach given above:

* They do not dare approach a new group.

* They do not want to expose themselves to ridicule and be seen as people shy, nervous or ignorant.

* They would rather stay in their corner.

* People with low self-esteem, avoid mixing with others.

* They prefer to stay in the shadows, away from others.

* Nothing can be more futile, even dangerous.

No! The best way out of this mess is to build self-esteem, which is not easy.

This is not the solution!

You have very few alternatives.
However, to start living his life again under better circumstances, you must find a new place of work and you make new friends.

Indeed, it is much easier to talk with people who have no preconceived ideas about you, people who do not judge and have an objective view of you. This will not only benefit you but also for others.

You must realize you are not the only person to have strengths and weaknesses. You have the qualities and weaknesses. Moreover, if it is found, another person close to you suffers from the same flaws you have.

Get your act together!

Those who have good self-esteem, do not address their weaknesses or failures.
* Instead, they try to find out why they failed.

* They seek lessons can be learned from their experiences.

* They have the confidence to enter into a new group and consider themselves part of this group.

They positivent and not cross the

It is the impact of the power of positive thinking, and it is only reserved for those who have good self-esteem. Therefore, have the behavior of a positive person.

To do this, use your qualities, other strengths of your project.
Keep this event to find one time or another some weaknesses or flaws.

Everything you need is to refocus your priorities.
This will make it easy for you to regain your confidence.
However, nothing will change if you do not respect yourself.

It should be that you develop self-respect and that you work your self-persuasion.

Your self persuasion has decisive effect on your confidence and quality of your life.

If you think you do not have the necessary skills to solve problems, then you might lose

* Your urge to invest

* Your desire to succeed

* Your motivation to finally give up ....

However, it appears that you have less capacity, but you have faith in yourself, then you are a much better person than the negative person.
Other hand, you have more chance of success than the person defeatist and pessimistic.

The secret is that your self persuasion gives you the confidence to at least try.

Have you ever wondered why some students in class, they ask questions?

* Is it because others have understood all the issues discussed during a conference?

* Is it because they lack the confidence to ask a question?

Most often it is because of:
* Fear of making mistakes or

* The fear of asking questions that they deem twisted around.

These people do not want to look stupid, that's what stopped them.
In other words, they lack confidence in themselves.

There is only one way to improve this confidence is to start believing in yourself. Therefore self persuasion is so important.

Let's see some benefits of self persuasion

* It allows you to build your confidence.

* It allows you to shoot for the moon.

* It invades your mind away from negative and fear of failure.

* This is your best antidote that will prevent you from destroying you mentally and your ability to go straight to fail.

* Self Persuasion gives you the confidence to accept failure.

* It teaches you the importance of positive thinking.

* Finally, it gives students the assurance that they have nothing to lose.
Indeed, these types of people realize they have everything to gain by asking a question, even if they come to ask a stupid question.

Abraham Lincoln is a fine example of a man who believed in himself.

* He has lost all elections

* He went to the Senate and

* He eventually served as President.

He did not allow his failures in life and personal damage his self-belief. Had he done so, the history of the United States would have been different.

The advantage of those who have good self-esteem compared to other

These people have a certain edge compared to some:

Contrary to those who have low self-esteem, their colleagues they have a healthy self esteem.

* They dominate the discussions.

* They are sought by others for any information.

* They are also invited to meetings and other parties - all because their self-esteem gives them the confidence to open up before a group of strangers.

It's the same syndrome of students is reflected in the life of an individual who works well.

So if you want to influence your confidence and your self-esteem, you know now what you have to do.
Good luck!

Do you trust your defeatist or optimistic?

In life, man is always asked to make choices. It is also necessary to know the good and identify our real desire for life.

The most difficult is when there are several options. Sometimes, having a single choice is easier than having several.

Fear of regret this decision is final. Thus, the time for deciding is shorter. Moreover, the situation frustrating.

Would you choose optimism or pessimism?

Some people are torn between the two and do not know where to focus their choices. These people believe that pessimism is positive insofar as it allows them to be careful.

Did you know that people could cause negative or pessimistic people to strengthen this feeling of fear, anxiety, defeatism, negativity which might prevent them from advancing.

These types of people could be a poison or a negative wave to positive people.

- Do you have a pessimistic view and live a life filled with failures, a life loser?

- Do you have an optimistic view of life and have a life filled with success, a winner of life?

Sure you still at this stage?

Do you differentiate those 2 words?

Are you still undecided?

Differentiate the two aspects together.

I Optimism

Optimism seems to be something desired by man. Those who "breathe" optimism are often observed.

By cons, those who spread gloom, panic and hysteria are seen as negative or harmful people.

People hire these people and see in them a sense of courage, bravery. In general, positive people are able to trace the well-being, happiness, satisfaction and are more likely to have a happy, successful, accurate and inspiring.

Those optimistic

· Look and are far-sighted

· Always keep in their minds the vision of the desired result.

This representation allows them to keep:

· All their energy

· Their smile

· Any motivation to have confidence in them.

Where have these premonitions that make them think they will fail, they say they have already passed other tests more difficult than that in their lives.
Moreover, they say they were able to overcome their earlier difficulties, why would they not able to face others.

In fact, they most likely reinterpret a demoralizing experience in a way that helps them learn and mature.

Optimists behave like those carefree and less dependent on others to build their happiness. They see no interest in controlling or influencing people. They do not need to do this!

People react positively to the optimistic side. These people can bring positive energy, a certain confidence. That is why in general, these individuals are used to easily carry enough people to them.
The latter have an interest in winning that is mutual.

Indeed, this universe, support, sense of solidarity prevailed. When times of stress are felt, the optimists maintain subjective and more easily their well-being than people who are less positive.
They persevere, struggle and not "let go" not the case. They are not one to give up so easily, they are also recognized by the virtue of patience they have.

Their optimistic view of the world can attract and influence those who are with them.

1) Such persons keep their cool

· To bad situations

· Face of difficult trials.

2) They see the difficulty

· As a challenge

· As a challenge.

3) They are fighting with all their strength even if they had to sacrifice.

The glimmers of hope optimists also predict better reactions

· In changing environments

· When unexpected tragedies.

4) Those positive and full of optimism are more opportunities than obstacles.

5) They are more successes than failures.

6) They see failure as a passenger behind and believe that its causes are confined to this event.

7) They focus on their problems positively.
In fact, they do this to find a solution to their problem.

8) They know how to adapt by turn of events positively or negatively. If they fall, they certainly will fall!

Even if they advance slowly, they are certain to approach gradually near their goal or dream of looking.

Those optimists have another advantage.

They are healthier and live longer.

Indeed, medical research has proven that simple pleasures and a positive attitude, can trigger an increase in the body's ability to fight against the disease.

II Pessimism

People who are pessimistic are more likely to give up when obstacles or difficulties arise. When the going gets tough, the pessimists are losing confidence in it, tend to devalue and building a bad image of them.

1) They tend to complain frequently.

2) They complain mostly unnecessary.

3) They are unable to distinguish their strengths.

4) They are fleeing the challenge and refuse to take or hold important responsibilities.

5) They are sad and do not smile often.

6) They are mostly stress and anxiety

7) They lose themselves in their project, they are experiencing some instability in their project, their desire.

8) They need others to make important decisions because they do not trust it.

9) They often have headaches.

In light of this article, you should know what "camp" you are, the winners or losers.

Hoping that this article made you choose and decide what is good for you, he'll have to act once the decision taken. This choice will affect your well-being, strengthening your self-confidence and a good image of you. Finally, for your personal development and that of others.

Reread this section often to see if you have a character of winning or losing and readjust the firing by correcting what is wrong.

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Napoleon Hill Laws of Success!

The Laws of Success!
And yes my dear friend, How many men do you know who are successful almost every time? And having success every time, is to succeed in everything we undertake. It is as if the word failure is not for you and this, in almost all aspects of your life.
But a good time to work on your success, is the present moment, this moment now, this second this.
'Success' a 6-letter word that contains power. Yes any person who has all his faculties, seeks to have more in all aspects of his life. And today more than ever we compete in our new society, which promotes the culture of excellence.
And whether in sports, school, academic, commercial, political, sentimental and what not, everyone seeks to be successful. But at'on success by chance or luck?
Well no, if it did, everyone would be successful. However, like many things in life, there are laws that govern the manifestation of success. And the big selling author Napoleon Hill, famous for his powerful classic 'Think and Grow Rich' was not confined to this single classical ancient times. He wrote many other books, including one of the most powerful is "The Laws of Success'
This book is the Golden Rule for the real personal success, and anyone who seeks success and success in life must have read, if only once in his life, this powerful book. For, as so aptly Elbert H. Gray 'No man can read the philosophy of the Laws of Success, if only once, but eventually become better prepared to succeed in his profession.

Yoga and Christianity

Yoga is compatible with Christian faith? The question may seem absurd and I do the'd never asked if I had stumbled upon a pathetic article whose author confesses having practiced yoga, but have repented of this evil practice and walk again on the steps of Christ. It is legitimate to ask why yoga has the smell of sulfur and not acupuncture is, however, largely inspired by Taoist thought and then east. I never heard anyone say: "I do not make me care from acupuncture because it is not a Christian." The idea that Westerners are yoga derives some spectacular demonstrations of yoga degenerate, they could be witnesses. Many believe that behind yoga lies a religion, or at least a philosophy more or less heretical. Exercises such as the "sun salutation" to reinforce the idea of a pagan cult.
I think it is helpful to first trace the origins of yoga. The word yoga in Sanskrit can be translated into law. Union of what? Union of body and mind, say some. Union of man and God, tell others. Yoga is therefore a religion? The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (fourth century BC. JC) are considered one of the founding texts of yoga and we did not find any reference to any religious practice. Indeed, there is no yoga, but yoga, as there is not a church of Christ, but claim that churches of Christ. It is equally absurd to compare different schools of yoga that compare for example the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church since the eleventh century has unfortunately little in common.
Some critics argue that Yoga's goal is to raise the kundalini, life force symbolized by a snake they will not hesitate to compare the tempting serpent of Genesis. I would say that the surge of energy in question is a secondary phenomenon and that those who think and reach a kind of autodéification, feel really worship their big egos. One goal of yoga is the control of energy which, left to their own devices, produce animal demonstrations, mostly sexual. The Catholic Church has proposed to make the believer a purely spiritual, the price of repression of his "instincts", but experience shows that when one presses on one side, it overflows with each other and that the volcano is still lurks. The stories of priests pedophiles or homosexuals we demonstrate the difficulty in freeing themselves of desires of the flesh. I think in this area, yoga provides an interesting answer, for he who has control of his body has control of her sexuality and desires.
For Catholics, the ascetic dimension has virtually disappeared. For the Orthodox, myself included, fasting and abstinence during periods of fasting is still practiced diligently. For cons, the asceticism of the body is foreign to them and there are only a few Orthodox monasteries that practice continues. What may be surprising is that the orthodox literature abounds but references to the practice of the prayer of the heart, as in Tales of a Russian pilgrim. "House sat in silence and solitude, head tilted, eyes closed, breathing softly, looking out the imagination within your heart, your mind together, that is your mind, your head into your heart. Say on the breath: "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me", whispered, or simply in spirit. Strive to hunt you all thought, be patient and repeat this exercise often. "
What relationship with yoga? Yoga differs from all other sports equipment by the fact that the senses turn inward. Unlike sports where consciousness turns to the outside world, hence the notion of competition, performance time and distance, yoga turns to the inner world. From this point of view, prayer is a heart of yoga in every sense of the term. Turning his consciousness inward, ascetic allows prayer to come down and make his body the temple of God. "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? "(Corinthians 3:16).
I conclude with a quotation from A. Van Lysebeth, one of our most famous yogis in Europe: "Hatha Yoga can be practiced successfully by everyone, believer or atheist, because it is not a religion and its practice requires nor assumes the membership any particular philosophy, no church or creed whatsoever. It can be viewed as a psychosomatic discipline unique, with unsurpassed efficiency. . I would add that yoga is a tool of the man and his practice will be colored by our faith. The atheist certainly does explore the psychosomatic aspect, but at least remove health. Christians prepare his body to prayer and to be the receptacle of God's grace. Turn the senses inward, it also descend into the inferno of his passions and allow the grace of God to illuminate the darkest parts of our being. St. Anthony is tormented by demons. This is St. George slaying the dragon. This kind of exercise is dangerous and is only accessible to those who have abandoned their lives in the hands of the Lord.

Working with crystals

The three basic principles most important to understand to work with crystals spiritual practice, respect and living nature of the crystal.

The first crystal that we clarify, purify and polish is ourselves. It is illusory to think we can work effectively with crystals without a personal work on oneself. The most important work that we do indeed begin with that performed on oneself. Even if we have a lot of success, power and property, when we die we will all leave. Without working on ourselves, we meet at square one. We have nothing done, despite all our wealth, because the spiritual work done is the only one who follows us into the next world. When we work on ourselves, we gain eternal wealth that does not disappear with death.
"... Men die but are reborn into the real world of the Great Spirit, where there are the spirits of all things, and this real life, we can connai ¬ be here on earth if we purify our bodies and our souls, bringing us closer and the Great Spirit who is all purity. "

When we work on ourselves, we really are doing something that nobody, not even life, can take away. It follows us in our travels from life to life, size in dimension. The first thing to teach in schools is meditation.
This is the start of work on oneself. Through it we can begin to control the crystal that we are. In fact, we are crystals, because the blood and fluids that make up our bodies are mostly liquid crystals.

Water within a living biological body, is composed mainly of liquid crystals. In some people very awakening ¬ lated, we can find crystals that have formed just below the frontal bone. The presence of these crystals allows perceptions and vision of special light frequencies that most people do not see.

What we can be confident when we work with crystal, it is change. We live a transformation of our lifestyle, our perceptions and understanding of ourselves and the world. We can not know in advance how these changes will occur. When we begin a spiritual path, we often face many tests from test our sincerity and our commitment. For example, when sitting down to meditate, we can be disrupted by events of daily life: the phone ringing constantly, restless children ... etc.. The mind and wants to check if we are truly sincere in our approach. This allows us to cultivate perseverance and stability.

Very often our karma ripens we collect and suddenly a series of events more difficult one than the other. It's a good sign, a sign that your mind holds you ready to "repay" the gestures, words and thoughts have been wrong cause harm to others. Purification is a continuing need for the person who undertakes a spiritual path. Above all remember that crystals are amplifiers and power transformers. The slightest thought or the slightest gesture is immediately amplified by the crystal. That is the importance of having a way to purify the vehicle that we are to monitor and control our ego and to manifest the greatest good for all our relationships. Otherwise, we should not work with crystal.

This is the main criticism to the books on the market today: forget the great truth that is "working on yourself first before even touching a crystal.

It should be understood that the crystal is a tool. Not that it will work, but the person holding the crystal and puts his will and healing potential. If we do not have a certain spiritual path gives us a discipline on the way we think, feel, say or act, ie if we do not purify, it is wrong to believe that we will immediately beneficial results in crystal therapy.

This text is an excerpt from the book "The Crystal and health."

Blue Eagle is the creator of music beneficial therapeutic fragrance, volumes of wisdom and soon other products, all created for the same purpose, that of increasing awareness and well-being of humans and nature products Invocation.

How to observe what we saw in

How to ensure that we are on the right path of life? How can I be certain that we act for our own good? How do I know that we are not under the influence of other circumstances or events?
I dare write the answers to all these "how" based on self-observation at all what we are exposed and everything happens by itself. An observation without any presence of mind, without prejudice. An observation based on facts and what makes us awaken in us. Being focused more on the fact that the thoughts which we live. Krishnamurti guide us in this direction by this quote: "look at things in a very lucid, without prejudice, any a priori simply see the facts. "
This observation generated by all thoughts of a centration to listen to what you feel in you. This contact with your feelings created by the fact provide the answer wrapped in your own truth, your truth to be. This observation is made to you a profound attention paid to context, the reactions in you that they are expressed by your feelings. This is no attention to whether you respond appropriately to standards, to standards, but what happens to you in a complete lack of context.
This attention will reveal and awaken in you new emotions, probably. Therefore, during the period of observation, you should see the reality of what is does not react either with pleasure or with pain. Look no attempt to compare, analyze the immediate stop to what is happening at this moment in your being. What happens is that the true expression of what you live, what you feel in this moment. "View daily reactions, it bring out the new: what you call spontaneity. "Krishnamurti said.
I would continue with another great quote from this man today has been Krishnamurti: "true perception is an observation without a shadow of a movement of thought is the absolute silence of memory - this memory that is other than time and thought. "You will not find your answers to" how ", giving the look on the past but by bringing more attention to what exists in you in this moment. Having this ability to self-observation of feeling which stems from the fact you will be straight with yourself, with your being and you're on your own path to changing circumstances and people around you. "These are the opinions and beliefs that prevent the observation that is. "To remind us Krishnamurti.
You may not know you, recognize you and be aligned to you outside where you are in the moment. Observe, see what is inside you and pay attention to your feelings beyond your conditioned thoughts and all comparisons will create a touch of deep listening of your being. You will react more to the facts, but you will act according to what you are.
Alignment with your self, your being you to the truth that you are looking for as you provide a frame of reference. The truth is you and not in institutions, social organizations. You are your own frame of reference to know what is good or not for you. This alignment is possible only by your own observation of what is in the here and now you.
What are the practical forms of observation or observation means you ask me instantly after your awareness of the benefits of compliance? I will try to answer you in my next articles. Awareness of observing what happens to you without thinking, without prejudice, without comparison, without social framework reflects a movement within critical listening of your being.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to establish its vision?

A vision is more than just a desire and more than a dream. A true vision is taking shape from your passion and becomes the forward direction. Your vision becomes then aligned with the energy of your passion, your emotions and focus on your impulses to be. A vision beyond your concepts known, your personal aims conditioned by your family background, social or your own environment.

"Being a visionary, c'es be able to anticipate what is yet unknown. It means being able to conceive and imagine a possibility, yet non-existent in its physical form. "To define the author of" Finding Your Passion ", Rick Jarow and states that" living in the power of vision is constantly being reinvented in the here and now it is challenging the limits that others impose on us and, above all, be guided by the unknown. "

While it is difficult to capture your passion, it will be the same for your vision. This vision is a form of guidance to achieve your passion you will be constantly confronted with what you know, what is accepted by others. You might pass for a person with a crazy idea or just as a little crazy! "I know that sounds crazy, but ..." this indicates that this person is about to say something important "to note Jarow. Interesting to realize that they are not necessarily others who reject you. It is much more difficult getting your ownership, you align your vision for it to happen. A vision is more a dream, she may even surprise you with the possible scope. It is as if it was too good to be true!

Establishing your vision does not differ as the process of finding your passion. It is by staying present to your passion, your feelings and be present in the here and now. You realize your vision as well as emerging is very real. Once you begin to project into the future and see the benefits of your vision, then you'll be in a dream state. A vision is more a dream, do not forget.

A vision does not result in the establishment of objectives in the short or long term. Targets create guidance issued shares and not a passion. "The targets can realize the potential, while the creative vision creates a synergy with the potential. "By Rick Jarow.

The process of creating a vision starts with your own alignment with your authentic passion. Once aligned on it and your feelings, a vision will arise. Accept it without being judgmental, without attempting any form of comparison. Before sharing with others, make sure to greet you and appropriated. Become comfortable with your vision, because it is simply a direction for achieving your passion.

Take the time to write this vision that emanates from your being so many times it appears. Do not force anything, let you get into what has to be mounted in a manner quite natural for your feelings. You will find that it arises from different aspects, but there are elements of a dominant appearance to another. A vision is not the result of a single impulse. It is no different from the product of your deep passion.

We are all medium

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with the world of the invisible, with souls who have left behind their physical bodies, but with beings of light that is called channeling ... there are a thousand possible with mediumship .
A medium means "middle" is the link between heaven and earth, there is a channel through which information passes from the higher planes.
Mediumship is not reserved for an elite or a group of elected officials who would be better than any others and would be rewarded with the gift.
Not mediumship is in us for some it has developed from birth and for others it is buried inside by blocking often due to education, fear of seeing, hearing or feel ...
Mediumship is a gift if your intention is to be a channel of light that wants to help humanity you have nothing to fear your protection is your love for others!
There is no age to develop his mediumship just need a little training and perseverance.
I compare it to an athlete if he is not training he will not get the result coveted for mediumship is similar to those that are not developed because of obstacles I mentioned above, they need a little more effort than others, but the reward is at the end!
You want to learn to develop your extrasensory perceptions are perceptions which do not use our 5 physical senses but our senses subtle as clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy and mediumship ... I offer courses at 'Using simple exercises will help you open the world of the unseen!
For that I'll see you on my site where you have all the information.

I am medium since birth and already I exercise a lot of years, if you want to know more about me contact me and I'll send my free ebook.

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The invisible worlds are the subject of a major study in science occulte.Ils are imperceptible by most men because the state of drowsiness of their subtle meanings and executives who can only be perceived.
Most men are unaware of the invisible worlds. These are with respect to these worlds as newborns in the physical world.
The newborn lives in a world which he has no knowledge réelle.Ce world is but the baby is not able to move it to his benefit to his guise.Pour the newborn draws fully use its powers it must first develop. To do this, it will necessarily receive an education whose aim is the development of its intellectual and physical abilities. Otherwise, the child will spend his whole life to live in nothingness.
The condition is located in the majority of men towards Realms hyper-physics is the same as that of the newborn in the world physique.Ces people hear sounds and can distinguish the colors of the material world. But things from other worlds that their clairvoyant perceives are unknown.
However, each can through appropriate training to develop the divine gift of vision which opens the doors to higher realms of Nature.
We often wondered if such knowledge is necessary.
Obviously it is necessary to the extent or reality, the physical world is that the effects and the hyper-world of the physical causes.
We see objects in motion and we hear many sounds, we use various types of aircraft, but the official cause of these mysterious phenomena remain invisible.
We have no idea of the forces acting on us and around us, we only perceive its manifestations.
In the higher realms of nature that reside all the root causes of all that we live daily. Furthermore, although it may seem surprising, things invisible worlds are more real and more durable than the material world.
Since the existence of the invisible realm is founded, it should know them to have a perfect mastery of our vie.Ainsi the development of clairvoyance we open the doors of our inner self. This is the ideal way to give meaning to our lives.
Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly, ie to understand things as they are and not as they seem. The clairvoyant can for example read minds, see through objects solides.Celui it understands the language and animal végétal.Bref vision gives us real power over nature. The methods of storage, investigation, vision and understanding of the clairvoyant are comparable to any other methods it is scientific or even mystical.
To learn and to develop the divine gift of clairvoyance, subscribe to the Dove through its website wmaker.net / La Colombe
Herve Brown has a degree in parapsychology, member and initiate of the Great Brotherhood Spiritus Sanctus.

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Introduction to the occult science

Occult Science educated man on the means available to allow its union with Divinity. Which union can be that insofar as man is able to live life itself superior.
To achieve this higher life man must first raise his level of consciousness through the initiation, noted occult initiation.
Initiation in question here is simply to subjugate the lower nature of man. It is a rebirth through which man is rather weak, yields to the Spirit so that by Divine Love Divine, good can triumph over evil.
The Initiation of occultism is done through two major phases. This is the phase of theoretical and practical phase.
During the first stage the student receives lessons on the nature of the universe and of man he is. It begins to better understand the phenomena of life because he knows when that chance does not exist and that everything that exists is the result of divine will. This phase is actually a preparatory phase. The student learns what he has to perform a more advanced stage of its evolution that is in practice.
The second phase is accompanied by practical exercises whose aim is to raise the awareness level of the student through the initiation proper. At this stage the student develops a clear vision that enables him to see through solid objects, to read minds to understand the language of nature. In short the latent powers are awakened.
Initiation is a means of establishing the union between man and divinity through the évzil of latent powers he possesses. Still, the development of these abilities are not an end but a means of sacred union. That is why the student of real occult knowledge must under any circumstances use their precious gifts to alienate others. The purpose of initiation is the development and not the taxpayer rights.
Kenneth Ronald is an expert in occultism. Initiated by the Greater Mystic School of the Dove.

Clairvoyance Online

Clairvoyance has always existed.
From time immemorial, man has wanted to know what tomorrow will bring! Doubt is present in all social circles, that is why everyone may one day or another be brought to a visit (e) clairvoyant.
Although consultations vis-à-vis still exist and are undoubtedly the best way to view, it is much easier now to use more modern technical processes which are mostly at our disposal 24 h/24:
- Phone;
- Internet;
- SMS.
You must remember that if you use a medium, it is preferable and even necessary to establish contact with him the phone and / or webcam are recommended!
To an astrologer or numerologist, this is not very important, contact by e-mail or SMS can be agreed.
Clairvoyance is she?
Nobody has ever really proven!
A good trader is not necessarily someone publicized, as many people tend to think.
You can see the lights (es) in all kinds of advertisements and those may be poor soothsayers. The inclusion on media advertising does not really prove anything, and is certainly not proof of competence.
Advertisements such as "View on TV" have no value either, do not confuse "competence" and "hearing".
We tested this site is they are very serious:
So that is a good indicator?
There is no quick fix, you must give it a try and that is the problem!
You should consult a professional and you make your own opinion.
If it comes to surprise you on matters past and present, is a good sign. The rest, the future will tell!
The price may be an element of choice and you must necessarily be clear. It is usually between 50 and 100 euros for a package.
you can also find a rate in this form:
- 30 euro the first ten minutes, and 2.50 or 4.00 euros per additional minute. Prices are completely free because the lights are usually employed, and no regulation is established in this profession.
Which of these options is best?
It is a matter of preference. The package has the merit of clarity and avoid nasty surprises after a long consultation!
The second has the advantage that you do pay for what you use: if the consultation does not go well, you can stop whenever you like.
You must especially beware of "hidden work" because it is from that comes the risk you have, and not clairvoyance itself.
The practice is to make you believe that if you encounter any difficulties in your life is because of the evil eye. It seems you may be incredible, but hundreds of people are having every year.
The issue is not discussed in this article on a topic as old as time, but you put strong warnings and flee these practices.
It is always safer to obviously know the address of seeing if it does not appear on its website, and is often the case, more for reasons of prudence than dishonesty. Ditto for phone sometimes red list.
A tip: Before your consultation, ask the address of LED (e) and be wary if he or she does not want you to provide it.
Also consider asking under what identity or name of your company credit card payments will be charged, so you can verify the exact amount on your next bank statement. This must match the amount of the package that you stated, or stated price at the end of your consultation.
The monitoring and transparency can be more difficult with a large firm, think!
Consultations on issues audiotel type --- 08-92 will cost 0.34 cents per minute in France. They represent a good solution for a first approach to the psychic by phone, though less personal.
You can find good indicator ... as the worst since no lights at all! It's increasingly rare now, because most centers audiotel require registration of the trade to work, limiting some recruitment.
Whatever your choice, remember that if you visit, you have to trust the medium. Do not refer only to be reassured, because there is more than clairvoyance: you must be prepared to hear the good and the bad. Stay neutral and do not say too much about you, but still establish a dialogue so that the light feels good also with you.
By adopting this behavior in response to a true professional arts of divination, there is no reason why this does not happen much!
Then you can have your own opinion on the matter ...

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Dreams and Passions

That is the theme of an evening "Galas merits" held in a versatile, in May last evening which I attended. What a wonderful evening surrounded by all these deserving young people and other equally deserving accompanying, encouraging and applauding their comrades.
As adults, we have great lessons to be learned from this beautiful youth. I've heard them think aloud by saying "Oh! Young people today are like this, they are just that, etc.. "
We adults, when was the last night we went to encourage a friend, a colleague, a colleague? When we welcomed, embraced these same people for their successes and their efforts? Be honest, acknowledge that the adult human being is far more likely to envy and denigrate to manifest his joy for the success of another? What a mess! Yet it is so beautiful to see these young people applauding, hugging and encouragement.
As in any gala, some come back disappointed, embittered, frustrated and sometimes they can be discouraged. At this time, as adults, we must take action.
They need us to tell them, make them understand that life is a series of obstacles that must be used to advance, much like a mountaineer to climb the highest mountains.
Our attitude should reflect what we hope the best for our young adults of tomorrow. Is this jealousy and contempt, or rather encouragement, joy and gratitude for the success of others? Our youth are full of life, projects, passions and dreams. For us to guide and encourage.
Contrary to this evening, in everyday life, our young people dare not speak their dreams and passions to adults, Why? I venture an answer: too often, they make fun of them, they are saying "Come on, you know that it does not make sense your business, get out of your dreams, you can never do that, etc.. "
Adults who have left their own dreams on the shelf trying to get young adults of tomorrow at the same level. Why? Fear they consciously or unconsciously that young do better in life?
Is that our role as adult? Asking the question is to answer it.
At the beginning of the school year why not take the time to listen to the dreams and passions of our youth, to support and encourage. Do it, you'll see they do not disappoint. You will never regret it.

For comments or questions about this article or another, do not hesitate to contact me.

A trick to automatically change their internal state

You want to self-motivate, and change state inside ... Here are some tips to achieve ...

You sometimes he may be sad or angry or just bad temper?

Me if ... (I confess ... it still happens sometimes) And you know what I see when I'm in these statements here?

That the mind is fascinated by these emotions and negative thoughts. It's like morbid fascination.

You remember in the second episode of "Lord of the Rings where the Hobbits stole the black sphere representing the eye of evil Granddalf hiding under his duvet?

You remember the difficulties he had to remove his eyes from this sphere?

Well it's the same for the ordinary mind ... He has a fascination with negative thoughts and emotions ...

And in those moments, everything revolves around the ego of "I'm so evil," "I'm complaining," it's always me that this happens "... And the ego requires only thing that interested him.

Well I have a trick to overcome these negative states (it is what it is, but if it works with me ...)

Here's the trick:

I'm looking for someone other than me. " "I found another object of fascination that my negative thoughts and emotions.

For example:

- I'm treating my dog
- I go into the garden became interested in the health of flowers, remove some weeds
- I am a walk in the woods with the aim to collect all paper, cans that I found my way
- I asked a friend to tell me in detail his passion, his hobby
- I read one book on the life of someone famous in his field

The next time that "the whole earth is united against you, try the experience to put you in the service of life or quelqu'être be passionate about someone else ...

In short, forget for a moment ...


How to be always motivated: 5 secrets revealed

The first secret is positive thinking.

It is becoming optimistic in everything you do and everything that happens to you. Always see the bright side. This makes a lot of good to our subconscious that you have an alternative. A concrete example would be to observe its progress more often than its failures. That makes all the difference to know even encouraged by oneself. Be careful not to exaggerate. This is a double-edged sword. Do not hide your eyes on seeing things that are not true.

The second secret is visualization.

I would do a more comprehensive article on this concept Soon. For now see a simple explanation. Visualization is the act of thinking for some time to events experienced or not.
The secret to apply here for your goals, reward or result. You often see your results (which will be future after a project) in order to stay motivated to face challenges.
A metaphor for you to understand. Imagine yourself trying to climb a mountain. When you are tired and will want to give up, do this. Visualize you to the mountaintop pleased with your work and watching the scenery. The good feelings of this display will suffice to give you the tone to continue.

The third secret is self motivation.

You must learn to motivate himself. If any obstacle before you influençable.Comment do? Creating little techniques that trigger in you the passion, fishing and energy. For example, to motivate me to study here I stand and I study aloud to a table.
I by the fact that this way of studying inspires me. This is to make the most of mos moments of adrenaline. For another person to play sports, sing a certain song or say certain words with a certain tone is more efficace.Observez you and learn your moments of adrenaline.

The fourth secret: The activity pro cons hyperactivity or hypoactivity.

I mean pro active ability to act and do so routinely.
Hyperactivity is being constantly taking action, always in motion. The hypoactivity is simply the opposite of hyperactivity. It sometimes takes the name appears. I would advise you to be more active qu'hypo hyper active. The excesses are detrimental to the health of man, that's why we chose the proactivity. The principle is simple: act! Take action. Nothing is too much thinking without acting. Remember that every action you ask is a new opportunity for success, experience learning or teaching. Here I use the secret 1. People do not act fairly because of their beliefs that lock them into the vicious circle of hypoactivity which in turn causes procrastination.

The fifth secret is called the To Do List.

Everyone knows what he has to do even if it does not always. The To Do List of English means the list of things to do. Understand first why we need a list of things to do. Note that 1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 + ... .... CA is a lot (like the mathematical way). This means that an interesting method to do what you do is divide it into tiny single action. The most difficult work becomes a breeze. As soon as we know it has a job to do, we must immediately think of dividing the work into small, therefore the first is the famous to do List. It is very simple and uses the secret 2. Think of all actions performed in the order and details. Each time you do put more intensity. Then it will be as it is already done. The strength to do comes naturally. An example for breakfast I take the green cup on the shelf, I take milk in the refrigerator, I take sugar .... and so on

These secrets are simple to implement. Put into practice the end of reading this article. You must be repeated every day for your activities and results will be very soon.
Good luck.

About the Author:
Hi, I is Wilfried Mbouenda and I created the blog book4u To help everyone to choose and read books that could change his life. I manage this blog since March 2009 and have already proposed books in the field of health, internet, personal development and job search. I am also studying computer science, I love programming and I created two OSS

if you take the time.

You can decide through the discipline of taking time for yourself.

You can choose to make an inventory serious and honest about your health, your morale, your current mood.

You can trace a path towards goals for yourself.

You can choose to determine a "battle plan" to eliminate everything that is negative in your thoughts, your actions.

You can take the time to analyze your reactions, your emotions, and thus see what is bad for your health, morale and well being.

This in turn will affect your relations, family and friends.

Take time to reflect on your deepest desires, your beliefs. Do analysis of your situation, your state of mind. Eliminate everything that is negative in you. Make war on the thoughts that affect you!

Make a habit of making assessments, set goals for yourself. Write, specify a date for achieving them. Anticipate their developments. Be updated regularly. Do this to organize your day.

Plan the week, month, year, keeping the mind alert and the flexibility to tailor programs to your circumstances and to changing your life.

Become stronger and stronger mentally for ever, whatever the difficulties, unfailing determination.

Give yourself the time needed to replenish your energy, remove the unnecessary stress to keep a good mental and physical health.

With the implementation of auto-positive, as suggested by Dr. Parkyn, you can discover the tremendous untapped potential

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How to succeed

Men or women trying seriously to succeed but they fail. This is the greatest tragedy of life!

You will find in this article a description of the ten leading causes of failure. Analyze the list, test it yourself, point by point to discover the causes which deprive you of success.

There is no hope of success for someone who has no clear purpose and defined.

There is no hope of success for someone who is so indifferent that he does not want to succeed in life, nor pay for the effort.

- Inadequate education:
This handicap can be cured easily. Experience has shown that better educated people are often self-taught.

The discipline is self-control. This means we must control all its faults. Before you can control situations, you must first know you control yourself. Self-control is the hardest task of all.

Nobody can enjoy success without good health. In general, the causes of ill health can be monitored and controlled.

- Reluctance:
This is one of the most common causes of failure. Many spend their lives living in mediocrity because they are still awaiting the "right time" to start doing something worthwhile to succeed. Do not wait. The "good time" never comes. Start immediately and work with any tool you have.

In general, we begin what we do, but we end up badly. Many tend to leave at the first sign of defeat. Nothing can replace PERSEVERANCE. Success is synonymous with success and perseverance.

There is no hope of success for someone who pushes the other by his negative personality. Success comes by the power and the power obtained through the cooperation of all. A negative personality is not conducive to cooperation.

The men who succeed make decisions quickly and change very slowly, as appropriate. Men who fail to make decisions slowly and change quickly, often. Indecision and hesitation are twin sisters. When we find one, the other is surely not far away. Eliminate them before they cause you to fail.

Whoever does not grasp his chance should generally be content with the crumbs left by others. The excessive caution is as bad as neglect. Both extremes are avoided. Life itself is full of opportunities.

How about having free access to a reliable method for learning to develop and optimize your life potential in you.

Five effective ways to restore confidence.

Get rid of your guilt

Lack of confidence is due in large part by a terrible sense of culpabilité.Libérez you of your past, any way you can do nothing.

Affirm you

Do more manipulated by certain people. Assert yourself and you will get greater freedom and will arouse your true personality. Ask yourself the question: What prevents you from being free and get your life and have more confidence in you?
You are responsible for your life and you même.Décidez now have confidence to change and be happy and start a new life for you.

Say what you think

Whether at work or at dinner with friends, express your opinion. An unpleasant cashier, a poor quality meal in a restaurant.
Instead of moaning in your corner and swear that you forgive never set foot in a supermarket, politely express your displeasure. You're a customer like any other. You paid for a service and you have the right to criticize. This will relieve you and develop your confidence.

Do not fly eyes

In a meeting room or simply on the bus, never give eyes every time a gaze rests on you. Nothing serves to conceal from you, you will never be invisible. You exist and you act around people. It's normal that you are of interest and they look at you. When the eyes land on you, take the habit of responding with a smile.
This friendly response will make you appear more confident and sure of yourself. It will also create positive feedback that you will gradually trust vis-à-vis the eyes of others.

Set yourself reasonable goals

You are disappointed because you fail to achieve the goals you had set. But have you asked about the severity of the trial that you wear on yourself?
D 'ordinary, you are indulgent with your
relatives. Try to be as well to you!
Do not overwhelm you with reproaches demeaning.
Accept your flaws and review your goals to help you step back vis-à-vis your goals, put them on a list. It is more
easy to expose when unattainable goals are written in black and white. Every day, you can list all the tasks you want done before evening. Whenever you get rid of one of them, erase it from the list. This is an excellent method to find confidence. It has the advantage to make you aware of your successes.

The importance of self-confidence to succeed

Confidence is a quality that develops. You must
that the cause of your failures and misfortune is due to the
misdirecting your thoughts, your indecision, your
lack of will.

By altering the course of your thoughts and especially you
Imagining that you can succeed in perfecting you. You
become better every day and your confidence
will continue to grow.

A simple way is to use the method "Coue. For this
create a suggestion like:

Each day, I have more confidence in me.


Every day at every point of view, I am getting better.

Then, in a quiet, relax and repeat
this suggestion ten times, morning, noon
and evening.

Make it every day, never think that you will not succeed
not have absolute faith in your success. To feel
Within you, your confidence grow day after day.

Set goals for yourself and rank them in order
importance. Then take the most important goal and
made the required daily to achieve this goal.
Keep this secret goal, especially do not tell anyone you
must trust only yourself.

Remember, these are your inner thoughts that determine
your success or your échecs.Quand you understand that you
can get what you want with your thoughts, your
confidence in you grows every day.

Gradually, after a few days to several weeks
you will feel a sense of dignity, self-worth,
strength, confidence. You will become a personality
magnetic breeds success and success.

A second very important point to increase your confidence
is to develop your eye. The eye has a power

When you have a conversation with someone,
look your interviewer in the eye, it will show him
you are interested in him and that you trust
you. By adopting an open gaze, penetrating and calm you
develop your personal magnetism that will attract the
account, trust, sympathy to obtain
best situations and come easily to happiness,
wealth, well-being.

6 Secrets for confidence

The concept of self-confidence will no longer secret
you. You will be enthusiastic, optimistic and
feeling of harmony and balance will emerge from your
personality, thus strengthening over time your

We will tell you that you have a personality
magnetic and that you have charisme.Cette concept is
very important to develop the confidence to
requirement to know the secrets, charisma
can develop.

Here are some basic characteristics that
up the personality of a being who emerges from
charisma and a great confidence:


A charismatic person is simple. It is like
it is itself. It need not arrogance,
vanter.Dans is a group, it did not need to attract
the attention of others to develop for

The ability to listen to others

If you want to acquire a personality
magnetic, and have more confidence in you,
you must learn to encourage your partner to
speak to you about lui.Posez him questions
on his work, his leisure, his famille.Donnez him the
opportunity to prove to you listen to the vous.Plus
people and you will be able to listen
other, the more you will trust.

Confidence in themselves and others.
Some reserve is positive. However, if
prevents you from communicating, taking the place that is
yours, you have to work to improve your
confidence in you. A charismatic person, even if
She is sometimes shy, emerges from the trust.
As she trusts herself, she can
to trust those around him and accept
as they are.

The ability to act.

The charismatic people are neither negligent nor
paresseuses.Si procrastination (back to
day) is one of your faults, work with you
rid. Honestly admire you and have you
confidence in people who are unable to take
a quick decision? Who are always late?

Respect commitments.

There are no commitments "minors". A commitment
is always important. You will increasingly
confidence if you are punctual for an appointment (even
friends) on how to pay your debts or
respect within livraison.Les people
Charismatics are beings who can be
compter.Donc respect your commitments, even what you
seem insignificant, is a key element for

Be Good Feel

Being good in his skin has nothing to do with beauty
physics. Beauty has nothing to do with magnetism
personnel.Pour be comfortable in your skin, you must
learn to accept your appearance, your voice and
defects or draw parti.Vous must also
meet a certain lifestyle so that it
relieve you of a feeling of serene strength.
To develop your charisma and confidence, he
Above all learn to know yourself.
For this you need to show quality
essential: You must have confidence in you, because if
you do not trust yourself, who can

Develop enthusiasm for self-confidence.

Be enthusiastic!
How to show your enthusiasm? If you want
that others will listen with enthusiasm, you
must learn to become enthusiastic for
confidence in you.
As you lead. An easy way is currently
you save and make a little video with you
from your ordinateur.Ensuite, watch this video
look at the effect that you made on this video.
Ask yourself questions:
- Can I trust this person?
- What are the first impressions and what I
feel watching and listening to this person?
The results are not conclusive, see how
improve it to have more confidence in you.
First you must learn to motivate yourself
developing enthusiasm for your trust
vous.Changez in your internal attitude by saying
internally positive suggestions for
confidence in you, such as:
- Every day at every point of view, I am better
- I manage everything I do.
- Every day, I have more confidence in me.
- I have a moral full of enthusiasm.
Tell yourself that if you are able to motivate you
Also, you're on track to reach motivate
others and increase your confidence.
Improve your voice, change tempo, volume and
speed, imagine that you were telling a story
enfant.Mettez your extraordinary emotion in
your voice.
Replay your recording.
-Do you hear the enthusiasm in your voice?
"Is it difficult to enthuse you alone in
from your living room?
Tell yourself that if you can put
enthusiasm in your voice in these conditions, it
will be easy for an audience real well
develop your confidence.
Have fun playing the comedy actor become your
life to regain your confidence.
Now add the movement!
Speak and move at the same time. Have fun making
further actions. Let out your enthusiasm for this
you say your corps.Ne worry
not: in the real situation, you'll just
what should be (but probably a bit more than before).
Smile and enjoy yourself to add expressions to your face.
You want to convince and be more
confidence in you? Then tell yourself that simple
smile works wonders, it is not easy
transform attitudes that are deeply rooted in us,
Perhaps from your childhood!
But tell you, that you have
capacity and resources within you to find your
trust. To be more dynamic and compelling,
succès.Repenser to relive a moment of your life or
you had great confidence in you vous.Concentrez
as long as possible in the context of the time.
This will make you relive the most exciting moments,
riskiest and most exciting of your
"Exploit" passé.Petit little, you feel up to
you have great confidence in you and you will
account that, basically, you're still the same.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A friend who wishes you well: Your Brain!

Do you know that old Hindu legend which tells that there was a time when all men were gods.
They abused their power so much that Brahma, the lord of the gods, decided to deprive them of this divine power and hide in a place where it would be impossible to find.

The big problem was therefore to find a hiding place.

The minor gods were summoned by Brahma to solve this problem, they proposed to bury the divinity of the man in the land.

But Brahma replied: "No, it does not, for man will dig and find it."

Then the gods replied: "In this case, let the divinity into the deepest ocean."

But Brahma replied again: "No, because sooner or later man will explore the depths of all oceans, and it is certain that one day he will find and ascend to the surface."

After several reflections Brahma said: "This is what we will do the divinity of man: we hide deep within himself, because it is the only place he will never think to look."

Since that time, the legend says that man has gone round the earth, he has explored, climbed, dived and dug in search of something that is in him.

Are you afraid to come to do what you want

It goes too fast or lasts an eternity
Steals your most precious moments
How to retain, the tame
Touching moments the sweetest, most secret
It gives you or you fly
It would, would draw on the tame
that we obey
But continually, regularly escapes
"I was there before and would there after" he murmurs t
He runs regularly
the hourglass, the dial, the watch or clock.
The time you eat? consumes you?
Enjoy the life with him
It becomes your friend.
These few lines about the time that elapses puts you in the face of reality.
Are we slaves to our shows, our calendar or our obligations. The time that passes without our being able or wanted to do the thinking necessary to improve which would be a better source of living.
Nevertheless tricks are so simple and full of common sense, we turn next.
A simple question: What would you do with more time? Kids your friends, what could you share more? Leisure, travel?
Your hobbies? What are they if you could enjoy more often
Chores? Better organized, they would be no less demanding?
And if after reading these few lines, you start to take stock of your personal organization.
Do you classify your priorities? Some of your spots are they really important? Your goals are sufficiently realistic? defined?
Can you rank your goals in order of priority or importance? Give you often after some of your spots yet urgent?
Whoever you are, whatever position you were in, the tips you find here will help you manage your personal organization to better enjoy the moments of life.

The incredible secret weapon of the U.S. Air Force.

During the Second World War, the U.S. Air Force had a big problem: the pilots did not identify quickly enemy aircraft.

The laboratories of the U.S. Air Force then began developing a secret weapon: the tachitoscope.

A device that could project an image of 1/500e second!

Obviously it was expected that pilots do not.

Surprise, they not only saw the image but could also identify the aircraft.

Better yet, if they planned to 1/500e images 3 seconds each, they identified a perfect model of each aircraft. Incredible!

They developed a mandatory training with this tool for all drivers and this training was kept secret until the end of the war.

But the discovery did not stop there.

When the U.S. Air Force realized they could "read" and remember the words projected 1/500e second only, the idea of reading flash has arisen and we try out with words.

And the results were identical: the subjects could read the words 1/500e second.

Does that mean that we could read 500 words per second? Does it could multiply and mentally?

The prestigious Harvard Business School began to test new methods of reading based on these future discovery.

And today, thousands of executives and managers use and most multinationals are leaders in their browsing.

Here are the basics.

Charles de Gaulle, Robert Kennedy, used the "browsing".


- Because they needed to read thousands of information. Today, knowledge has been multiplied by 10.

In fact, when you read normally, your brain is bored, and you start to think about something else. This sometimes requires you to go back.

One way to speed reading is to apprehend a block of words at a time.

The reader moves 9 times the eyes to read a line.

Readers quick read a line without moving the eyes 2 times, and even that, after several weeks of practice!

By this technique, they reduce the work of their eyes third of normal without affecting the collection of information, and is less tiring.

The first thing that people are wanting to learn to read quickly while retaining information better, is to develop "peripheral vision", which allows them then to lose the habit of reading word for word, and of sweeping view of a sudden a group of words.

An in-fant bed syl by syl-labe-labe. An adult reads word by word. A quick drive reads line by line.

This device is called for the span and there are now lots of rapid techniques to improve this Empan easily.


Research also shows that there is a big relationship between reading speed and comprehension.

But before starting the exercises, speed reading you should check the condition of your eyes.
He must also know that it does not of course know the techniques for you to become a super
drive, but you must dedicate time to your workout to improve your skills faster.

Readers learn to effectively use different styles of reading for different purposes,
such as skimming, scanning, and critical reading.

Here's how:

Look for a summary or notes from the author or publisher for the article or book you are studying.

After seeing the title and noted the general ideas, you may continue browsing the pages and
paragraphs to get an idea of the topic addressed by the text and how it is organized.

First, target your attention: look only at the first letter of the word: the first "s" in success.
Second, adjust your attention: try to see the word "success" in full.
Third, adjust your attention yet to see at least three words together.

It is possible to do the same with abstract ideas (which are often very complex and
multidimensional), but it takes lots of practice because there is no d 'images' specific
on which to fall back.

Notice how your eye muscles move when you read a printed text.

Try moving your eyes on the next block of words, and keep well.

Only fast readers are trained to mini-eye movements, whereas most
people read with micro-movements.

The first produces a quick read, because it seeks the peripheral vision to see more words
simultaneously instead of one at a time, while the second is automatically and continuously adjusts
our eyes to place the words we read on our fovea centralis, the focal point of the retina.

Read more glass also increases comprehension.
This is because the mind is occupied with understanding the meaning, not rereading words and sentences.
Experienced readers can read more words in each block.

The poorer readers, meanwhile, spend much time reading small blocks of words.
They go back quite often, resulting in a decrease in speed reading.
This irregular eye movement is tiring.

Thus, increase your reading speed by eliminating all these problems can also increase your understanding.

There are many styles of quick reading and intensive reading is the style we use when
we obtain an understanding of the information contained in documents, including educational or technical.
You can also use something to give you the rhythm of a finger or pen to increase
your reading speed and reduce backtracking if necessary.

Say your words in your mind when you read? Yes, No.

This phenomenon is called subvocalization: In "saying" in his head that the text is being read,
it slows considerably speed reading. To read more quickly it is imperative to get rid of this reflex
mental and natural.

To do this, intensify the eye movement on the page to prevent the inner voice pronouncing the text
you read.

In cutting the sentence "(the) speed reading is necessary, we obtain lecturerapideestnécessaire.
This reduces the subvocalization because we should impose a sentence of four words as if it were a single word.

The idea behind the development of your reading speed is not it absorb more groups of words by
online at one time?

In summary, the habit of finding the main idea of each paragraph you read.

Plus you have made any connection between information and ideas and between ideas themselves, and more
your study will be solid.

Then, train you to read groups of words instead of word for word. At first few minutes of training
a day is enough.

Management of Time and Your Life

As a practice, time is constant: 60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the use of time varies with each individual.

The main objective is to ensure that the time becomes an enemy. We need time to think and plan things to avoid unnecessary activities that waste our time, our energy and our precious resources.

The effective time management is based on patience and reflection. The weather and environment can change, but ultimately, we must follow the natural movement of things.

Remember that you lose to want to go too fast but do not forget that you should never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Here are some tips to help you manage your time effectively:

1. Consider your goals as goals non-negotiable.

You will achieve your goals if you follow a specific plan and if you set a realistic deadline.
Keep in mind the scenarios of success and the time needed to traverse your way.
This way, you not only consider the prospect of success but, in addition, give you ways to succeed in a period of time.

2. Do you set a deadline for achieving your goals.

If you must perform a task over a limited time, start by developing an overall strategy to build and a detailed plan of action.
Set a deadline which is the maximum time that you provide to fulfill your goal.

3. Be realistic and plan for contingencies.

Time management requires an open mind and flexibility. Do not think you'll be able to finish a task on time if you do not have everything planned in advance.
In your planning, plan times to handle unexpected events. Remember that even constraints can help you improve.

4. Know your work style.

You're like a clock: you work with your habits, your rings, and your pace. You sleep, eat, move, read or cook in a more or less effective.
Avoid too relax and do nothing effective late in the day. Estimate the time you usually turn to perform certain tasks, and if you're not as effective as others try to improve.
This can be difficult because everyone has his work rate.

5. Know your environment or workplace.

Your house has a very special rhythm, the office will have specific times, and there are activities in your neighborhood. You have a schedule more or less responsible. You should be aware of this environment.
The daily tasks in your home is definitely the key factors that allow you to determine your personal schedule.
Finally, you have colleagues who also have missions and objectives to fulfill.
All this could affect your planning and it is therefore necessary to synchronize with this temporal universe to optimize your own schedule.

6. Plan.

The plan is reducing the risk of error. The errors usually occur because of unforeseen factors such as poor resource estimate or the entry of new data when processing the problem.
With effective planning, these unforeseen circumstances will be minimized, allowing you, even if error, to finish the task on time.
Considering the factors mentioned above, you can understand the elements that influence the management of your time and fluidity. Thus, you will not be overwhelmed by deadlines that you are not familiar.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Plus I read fast, I understand better.

You probably already know, the brain has an avid thirst for information.

So when you give him "to eat" fast reading a text at a fast pace, you embrace the best thinking
Author ... Your brain is faster links with what you've already read, and each reading you
add new references in the head.

More you read faster, it stores information, and news can cling to the old.

What is new is more difficult and take longer to understand unless one has already references in his head.

Consider an example ..

Suppose you read an article in one of your favorite magazines, which speak "of the ease with which certain
people respond tit for tat with their interlocutors.

The author of the article you said that, and explains in some scientific "it is because of the speed enough
particular their thoughts. "

You who are interested in browsing, the term "thought" as used in this context you instantly branch
on the readings you've already read about this instead of starting a vagabond mind which has nothing to do with
Read on and prevents you from making the link ....

You realize then that thought will quickly because your brain made the connection instantly.

So when you read the rest of the article, the author explains that "these people" have a
imagination really important, allowing them to pick up quickly the information they need in the
"corner of their brain," you understand it instantly, without having to read 2 times ...

Your brain has a direct link with what you have read and accepted previously. You understand what you
read much faster now.

By training your brain to do this every day, you gradually increase your speed.

The information you store become more numerous. You have a lot more "references".
So you can see better and better what you read.

And again ..... It is a positive cycle endlessly.

Having such control over the speed reading can, for example, substantially increase your annual income if you
know you use this "gift" with imagination

Take Donald Trump for example. The giant U.S. real estate. He only slept 4 hours per night.

What is he doing this extra time? It reads - while others are sleeping ...

Result: Donald Trump does not become a billionaire by accident! It is the "current" It takes advantage of opportunities,
He feeds his creativity with the ideas of others.

But without speaking of celebrities, there are also amazing stories with people like you or me!

For example, consider Arnaud Beaufils, very opportunistic and brilliant, moreover, who landed a job at the nose and beard
all other candidates, producing, during his interview, a perfect synthesis of the brochure for the company he had read, understood and accepted in minutes for ... his stay in the waiting room ...

Also include the experience fun Karl Baring, ambitious young trader, who came to absorb the bulk of a report
700 pages on a complicated stock transaction in less than an hour, and carry out an operation juicy over 5 million dollars in the same day with the speed of almost all other traders. He received a bonus of $ 50,000 for its technical prowess.

Oh yes indeed, improve reading speed, it is a source of very significant development and may well
transform lives through access to information enormous. The world opens up!

And these techniques, which allow you to read, understand and remember a text at the speed of lightning were employed by
the great majority of this world.

You will learn to discern the good, interesting in a sea of useless ...