Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apple earnings: chips in masonry?

After a few hours of sleep on it, the reaction solid quarter Apple update still seems somewhat déroutant.Mais ingredients anxiety pulling some strings, become clearer.

Firstly, as we say in a post yesterday at the beginning, optimism surrounding Apple had reached such a level that simple size (as opposed to the Galactic magnitude) could prove sufficient to disappoint. There is indeed a good part of simple size in the report and perhaps even a hint of human frailty.

Apple shares rated 6% decrease in trade after hours and they look set to open around $ 300 per share, down $318 regular closing. Not a good thing for the market-based technology.

Here are a few reasons that apple comes to depreciate (for now).

  • Gross margins fell to 36.9% of 41.8%. Second consecutive quarter this important metric has diminué.Il may indicate that growth through Apple is not handled as efficiently as possible.
  • Phone sold large - nearly twice the period of the year - ago to 14.1 million units .the ' iPad?Big step to 4.2 million units.That might explain it by Apple CEO Steve Jobs oration against competing products of iPad (read: Google) in the earnings conference call.
  • Apple likes to talk about the street so it can soar on Analyst estimates.It can receive too much to it.He guided expectations at $4.80 per share during the next quarter, at the bottom of 5.07 consensus expectations $ per unit.
  • Nothing does dating to jamais.Apple became one of the most valuable in the world, wearing a cap stock dollars.Seulement ExxonMobil, 290 billion to $ 337 billion, is great in the ExxonMobil USD 102,000 employees and 317 dollars.Apple billion annual revenue has 34,000 employees and heard dollars.Bien 57 billion annual revenue, Apple grows big guns, ExxonMobil is technicians pas.Autres? Microsoft has a value of $ 223 billion and IBM is a piker at $ 180 billion.

While anxiety is the order of the day, don't forget this luscious niblet from Apple. quarterly profits of the company increased by 70% 4,31 billion, a sufficiently good to overcome powerful IBM had only $ 3.59 billion profits surge 12% more than last year.

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