Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feng Shui and Interior Design

Every day we go into the world to create and make our way, be it to a job or a business. We enter each day with the attitude of accomplishment and achievement. However, for most people, during the day we meet some sort of obstacles or roadblocks. It could be a customer who changes the scope of the project that you just completed the night before, the bank who needs just one more piece of information to complete the loan you needed yesterday or the guy who cut us off in traffic, caused us to run off the road and miss the most important business meeting of our career. We rise to the occasion as each monster rears its ugly head. Each time, we expend just a little bit more of our energy that we had planned to use on another objective. By the end of the day we are usually one, two or even three steps behind where we wanted to be, worn out and ready to retreat to a place where we have peace and serenity. This also holds true for our children today. They encounter as much stress, be it different, in the their worlds as we adults do. They are stressed by peer pressure to act and be different than they are taught at home and by television and the media to become something that they are not. These stresses can be overwhelming and we are all looking for a place where we can escape from these pressures

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