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Canon inkjet color Exchange reaction (pgr) analysis

New technology can create value, new technologies can get rid of competitors, new technologies can bring more unique user experience really the case? Examine the latest inkjet printing, gun used in technology PR (pigment reaction).

2008 4 29 continue to improve the range of products a Canon Business ink jet printer has published a proton colour inkjet multifunction PIXMAMX7600 machine and Teng-color photo iP100 mobile portable digital photo printer. Among them, multifunction inkjet Canon PIXMAMX7600 a machine using the newly developed canon colour reaction?Technology PR, the introduction of the canon LUCIA ink for the first time patterns pigment has joined the colorless ink newly developed, a colorless ink than what magic? here reveal us the content of the 11 to the.

What is PR (pigment reaction) technology?

Inkjet printer is one of the most critical of the printhead parties while inkjet printhead thermal technology can be divided into technology and micro Piezo technology two broad categories, including HP, canon inkjet products using the original techno Epson Micro Piezo printing thermal inkjet technology

technology, but also the success of this technology should be shipped in its products inkjet .alors printhead technologies, while pursuing the ultimate objective of the brands they coincide, i.e. faster print speed, better print results, as well as water, light and other characteristics of thus demande.Par, the main brands have their own consulting offerings, technology of ink which is different from surface, the ink, but there are differences between the black and color, form a stream of tiny droplets on the template document to finish printing.Ink can be divided into dye ink and pigment ink, canon and HP inkjet printers using dye ink and ink Epson pigment utilisation.Il is important to note that dye ink waterproof, sharpen text and brightness demonstrated a general and ink dye also not have a small space, which is the canon PR (pigment reaction) technology for troubleshooting.

Canon do not think so, to obtain the best text and image output results but can be waterproof, brilliant, remarkable sharpness and thus, colorless ink canon and the new ink, make ordinary paper first colorless ink spray paper, paper with a layer containing metal ions MULTIVALENT surface printing, print ink and pigment components in the reaction of paint, pigment is cured effectively on the surface of the liquid ink paper, composition is separated from the absorption and evaporation.

Technology application RP (pigment reaction), exit text and images only with pigment ink features: waterproof, sharp text, preserving long-term; any PR to plain paper paper printing technology, the phenomenon does not appear yin, also anti-curl, great sharpness and characteristics of high gloss and showed extraordinary performance and a sharp color image quality.

Complete a simple understanding of RP technology (pigment reaction), the following content tell you how this technology is achieved.

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