Monday, November 22, 2010

All stocks down

What a strange business session Thursday.Dow Jones index went around the map before finally settling in vert.La combination of strong gains and thirst for the Fed quantitative easing to continue to strengthen the feeling.

Then what is in store today? Say scan the globe for advice of what is to come.

  • Term is showing an open dish inférieures.Pas sufficiently publicized gains to really change things. Could be a day for consolidation.
  • European shares are lower, Asian shares have been mixed.
  • Investors are probably a little nerve since this weekend includes a confab G20 Finance Ministers in the Sud.Il Korea is a lot of conversations about "great deals" and "global rebalancing.Expect little is concrete, but that won't stop him merchants want to go home "flat".
  • The dollar isn't doing much - losing ground against the yen.Flat against the euro and the book. The buck will not do much in advance of the meeting of G20 Finance Ministers.
  • Without major economic new today .This will be good news for my calculator.
  • Earnings include Schlumberger KeyCorp, Verizon, and Honeywell.Schlumberger reported and met the expectations - indications are commercial stock a touch more élevée.KeyCorp said net income against a loss last year.Still waiting on Verizon and Honeywell.
  • Managing quantitative arrives in 12 days, which had stunned stock investors.Reading is that earnings were good, but not very good to ruin the free money coming down the Pike.
  • Cocktail factoid: there are two Presidents of regions of the Federal Reserve in Missouri! yesterday the President of Saint - Louis Bullard supported ve.Human at the other end of I-70, President of Kansas City Hoenig, said that EQ is a bad idée.Bullard seems to be won this debate of Mizzou cross.
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may need more than 200 billion over the next three années.Les markets seem to care.
  • But they are concerned with Bank of America, which keeps déclin.Le fiasco locking could force BofA redeem some hypothécaires.Autres loans large banks seem to be less likely to be crushed by the fiasco, at least at this stage.
  • Costs of credit insurance are more élevés.Enchères liaison to Thursday the Spain went okay, but the Spanish obligations are not trade very well today.
  • Minnesota Vikings visit Lambeau Field to deal with the Green Bay Packers dimanche.Vikings win by 9.

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