Saturday, November 20, 2010

Europe of higher rotation, technology is low

European stocks push off the coast of lows, which might indicate that investors are anticipating a decent opening .but evil United States received Amazon earnings are weighing on the technology sector.

Some European optimism follows a strong out of the Germany Ifo report.Investigation Ifo measures Germany, business confidence and the October report such confidence to a maximum of 3 and one demi-an.

According to the report, Paris and Frankfurt scholarships are higher to near rentabilité.Les travel market in London in the Green, boosted by a slight rebound resources actions levels.

In Asia, AIG its IPO AIA at the top of his range of prices and increases the size of the agreement.The company expects to raise $ 20.6 billion to repay taxpayers, according to Dow Jones.

Among employees, KeyCorp, Honeywell and Schlumberger have all shown above.

Difficulty may loom techland.Amazon is significantly lower than indicated after a cool reception for winnings end investors jeudi.Les are worried about the rising costs of online retailer.

Among other technicians, Apple, IBM, and eBay are indicated slightly inférieure.Microsoft, Intel, Cisco has shown little change.

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