Sunday, January 16, 2011

Always Appreciate Your Situation

This is an important piece of information that I would like to share with everyone today about a very important characteristic of all successful people. The top five percent of the population who have enjoyed success and own most of the world's money view all the forces that brought them to this point- God, parents, teachers, childhood, circumstances, you name it- with gratitude and appreciation and without blame. They also view what comes next as their call.

Don't you ever see successful entertainers thank all of the people who made their success possible when you watch them win the Grammys and the Academy awards? It is because they appreciated the situation they were born into and made it a way to turn them into success.

There are plenty of successful entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes, businessmen, politicians, philanthropists, politicians, professionals and motivational speakers who grew up in poverty and rough living conditions.

Many of them had unstable childhoods and others had very stable and fortunate childhoods. They all accepted their circumstances and followed their dreams and they did not let anything hold them back.

In order to be successful you need to accept your circumstances and just follow your dreams because there is nothing holding you back if you make the positive decisions and make decisions that will lead you toward your dreams and goals instead of push you backwards.

Your success is in your own hands and it is up to you to accomplish your dreams. Everything is upon you and if you make a mistake or you realize that your goals are not getting accomplished like you want to it is all YOUR fault.

Leaders and successful people realize this because they know what they did wrong and how to correct it when they know that everything is in their control.

The people that aren't successful right now and don't have jobs blame the economy for being unemployed or not having money when it is really their fault because they do not have a plan to success like the successful people do.

People who are unsuccessful or poor blame their own circumstances for their misfortunes and they continue to be the way they are because they do not realize that everything is their own fault. Anyone can become a leader, successful person, wealthy or whatever they want to be but they need to be thankful for what they have to work with and find a strategy to accomplish their goals and make changes to that strategy along the way as they are learning what it takes for them to accomplish all of their goals and dreams.

It is important to have hope and never stop going doing whatever it takes to keep on learning and trying to accomplish what you really want in life. Leaders make the smartest decisions and take accountability for every action they make and are always thankful for what they have to work with and who is helping them along the journey to success and life in general.

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