Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Become A Ninja: 3 Options For Ninja Training

The legendary image of the ninja is not just one born of movies and popular culture. In Japanese history, the ninja waged a stealth war against oppression and abuses by the ruling class. Today, learning ninjitsu self-defense techniques and ninja weapons is done for health, hobby, and self-protection. Ninja training, however, is not as easy to find as other martial arts. This could be due to the specialized nature of the art. Basically, not all that many people know this legendary martial art, which means it, may seem a little tough to learn it.

But, this does not mean you will be unable to learn the art and learn it effective. Here are three options for ninja weapons and self-defense training:

Find a qualified instructor within a reasonable driving distance. The term reasonable will be up to you. If the closest instructor is a two-hour drive away, you will need to make the commitment to travel such a distance.

Even if you only train at the school one day a week, then do so! One lesson is more than enough to develop an insight into the art. Private lessons would be better but group sessions can prove highly effective as well. The key is you will need to practice what you learn during the time period in between lessons. Just be sure to be consistent with your weekly training session and practice times outside of class.

Purchase excellent books and DVDs that provide solid instruction on the subject of ninja weapons and self-defense training. Books or DVDs that offer much needed insight into how to effective train in the art can provide the perfect supplementary information needed to expand your awareness and skills in the art. Over the past two decades, some excellent material has been published and produced on the subject of ninja weapons and training.

Acquiring these excellent resource materials could prove to be the wisest move to make when seeking to learn the art outside of class times.

Start a small training group with dedicated people. You cannot always solo train. You will need to work out with others. Organizing and running such a training session could prove to be a great help in terms of expanding you awareness and skill in the art. Even if you do not have access to the aforementioned group class or formal instruction, you could employ proper practice group to expand your ability lean the art and ninja weapons. There may, in fact, be formal distance learning programs that you can enroll in which could provide the guidance for the actual training sessions. Again, consistency is the key here are that will prove to be a must when you want to learn the basics of ninja training.

These three options for learning ninja weapons and self-defense can prove to be more than sufficient for those hoping to get the most out of the learning process. Ultimately, success with learning this art will be reliant upon your commitment and desire to follow through with your training and be consistent. Follow this advice and you will reap the great rewards!

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