Friday, December 31, 2010

Ambra Lingerie & Bodywear for each woman.

Ambra is a leading apparel company that specializes in the needs of women's underwear. If you are committed to the environment or who seek to improve how look you in your clothes, the body wear, underwear and leg wear you will find collections Ambras is out of this world.

The Eco Style

One of the most innovative lines lingerie company is eco style collection.Cette collection consists of fully organic and bear bamboo fibre products which are used to develop leg, underwear, socks and body wear.

You can now add durability to your lingerie checklist.

Some of the main clothes you will find in the collection of Eco Style include organic cotton, Bamboo Boy-legs, Bamboo Bikini and swimwear bamboo tanks.

Wear Ambra Body Ultimate

Wear body is important for many women.You want to feel comfortable and large

clothes, but it seems as there is always something out of body wear place.Avec Ambras, you can move comfortably without the problem of the swellings, pieces and showing of bosses.Il comes free sewing styles so that no one will know your secret that lies below.You can even mix and match these elements.

You can choose the top Singlet offering your upper body in appearance length and side free construction of low couture.La V Tee has a modern and appropriate shape and is made from soft microfibre for freedom of movement and stretching.You can also try the low-rise Capri leggings are great to go under the skirts, shorts and dresses.You can even work on your fitness in these large Active pants.

Ambras Bodysoft underwear

It is important to feel comfortable in your underwear .c ' is why Ambra has used a high-tech knitting process to integrate the soft wires for more comfortable underwear apparel that all are also free to couture.Vous will be able to move freely, pleasant stay and have this garment underwear hug perfectly to your body.

You can choose the Longshoremen, scoop, free wireless, arm spin BRA, banners, sports, arm singlets low-rise strings, briefs hipster, boy leg briefs, hi cut briefs and boxer briefs.

Regardless of your size or preference, Ambra has an option for each femme.Vous also have a variety of colors different underwear vital choice as black, white, nude and nus.Vous can stay sexy while enjoying the comfort with all the different collections by Ambra.

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  1. Body wear is important for many women and after using Your Ambra underwear ladies are feel comfortable and great in your clothes.