Friday, December 17, 2010

Bill Gross of the Pimco: QE2 is a Ponzi scheme

Pimco binding veteran Bill Gross is out with its monthly investment opportunities calling QE2 a Ponzi and saying: it arrived will mark the end of the rally for Treasurys United States writing it:

It seems that the US Federal Reserve took Charles Ponzi one-step others. Instead of simply pay maturing debt creditor financial sector receipts - banks, insurance companies, the surplus reserve of nations and managers of the investment, to name the most important - the US Federal Reserve has joined the party itself. As opposed to orchestrate the game from the top, she jumped into the pond with other swimmers. One and a half trillion checks were written in 2009 and trillions expect more us. Indeed, the Fed is telling markets do not worry about our deficit, it will be the purchaser of the first and the last may resort. It is not necessary - as with Charles Ponzi - to find a growing number of future gullibles they just write audit themselves. I ask you: it has y never had so brazen ponzi funding? It is not. It is unique that it requires a new name.I call this a schema Sammy, in honour of Uncle Sam and the politicians (as well as its citizens) who gave us this time critical in the temps.Il is not Bernanke regime because it is his only alternative and it shares no responsibility for its origin.It is a regime of Sammy - you and I and the politicians that we elect every two years - deserve the blame.

Yet, as I have indicated, a regime of Sammy is temporarily, but not ultimately, friend of the holder, un.Elle raises courses titles to create the illusion of annual throughput, but at the end of the account, it reached a stalemate where these prices can do atteindre.Le market being arrived at destination, and then offers to return 0% and a sample pocket of creditor by inflation and interest rates real négatifs.Un fate similar, passing, expects shareholders, although their ability to adapt to rising inflation prevents such a surprising conclusion.

For the record, Pimco brought to some of his Paris on Treasurys in recent months.

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