Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Palladium surpasses gold (For Now)

Gold tends to pigs, merchandise headlamps but almost CommodityWorld is breaking today thanks to the weakness of the dollar.

Among precious metals palladium pushed gold side take the scène.La lesser known precious metals increased by 3% to $606.50 an ounce, which is triple put moving in by his cousin, which is increased by 1% to $1345.10 a troy ounce.Platinum is increased by 1.3% and money is approximately 2%.

Many expect gold will soon take over the leading role among the brillants.Non metal only, the dollar will remain weak, but nuptial India time should also provide an additional impetus, according to my colleague Devon Maylie.

Devon says Afshin Nabavi, physical and commercial sales leader finances MKS in London, has a very high demand for physical gold and believes that the India wedding season could however a crucial advantage over other metal gloss.

London fixing morning gold is $1345.00, of $1322.50 Friday afternoon.

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