Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tech Resilience higher market main may

Technology shares are bucking the trend oriented QE2 time of opening of trade, which can augured well for the whole of the market.

The Nasdaq composite stuffed-tech is just into positive territory while blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average is a time more severe, even though it bounced off the coast of its bottom. Fears about pre-open connection QE2 were exaggerated.

After a sea of Red hosted the opening bell, various names technology have begun to move in the Green led chipmaker Broadcom.Le Telecom had a big third quarter and its shares are approximately 8%.Intel and Advanced Micro Micron are higher and the SOX chip index remained positive all morning, currently up to 1.5%.As Matt pointed out yesterday, a good SOX is good for everyone.

Akamai reports after closing and its actions are more than 3 %.Apple is having a battle to stay positive and is approximately $10 off the coast of his $318 peak pre-earnings part.Big, old tech (IRAP they hate being called!) is lower than with Microsoft, Cisco and IBM ill.

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