Monday, December 6, 2010

By India business booming during the recession

Recession is everywhere and now official reports are generated to its impact on business and the global economy. While each sector around the world has been affected by the global economic crisis which lasted 18 months. But in the IKON Marketing Consultants reports mentioned that there are few industries or sectors India showed positive growth in spite of the recession.

Worldwide, there was noise from economic recession and low market.He touched IT jobs, growth and income of corporations and its sectors connexes.Mais three lauds technology companies information India, which showed positive growth (although less than last year).

TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL and uses have been included in the recent report from Forrester Research shows that these India it companies are actually showing signs of profitability in

Te difficult economy and decline.

To survive hard times, companies have changed their stratégies.Réduction main costs had been conducted by reducing the salary by spending less on R - D and cool expense General long term.Some companies had also reduce their number of employees .c ' was the scene around the world, especially in North America and England, but it was expected that the Indian IT industry will increase in 2010 and 2011.Discover the top 10 that IT India enterprises.

After IT is food and the industry has shown that the growth of the food processing.According to Ministry of Food Processing Industry (MFPI), India the food processing industry saw a growth even though the world was facing recession.

Railway is another area which was not affected by the global economic crisis in air ticket Inde.Taux travelled and therefore more people over this period was moved to the cheapest mode of transport.

After this comes Telecom was not affected by the cellular telephony récession.Marché Ministry have become more prominent and cheaper than usual .This banks blocks of nutrition, education, health care, products, market mergers and & Marketing Consultants and media and entertainment have shown signs of positive growth.

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