Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy new year Company Rewards - good year draws coupons

In 1898, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company was founded by Frank Seiberling. At the present time, is believed to be the Michelin and Bridgestone as being the third largest company tires in the world. The manufacture of products means tires for cars, vans, cars race, commercial trucks and light aircraft. First tires good year gained in popularity due to their tire easily removable and low maintenance costs.

In 1898, in Akron, Ohio, the first factory of good open year.Before the dawn of the automobile production initially concentrated on transportation, Horseshoe rubber and poker chips.Après skates and bicycle tires, good year Company developed even more.

Henry Ford was provided by the good year with 1901.Dix years racing tires later manufactured society airships and balloons used for Word War I by the US Army. Good year was appointed to the largest rubber company in the

world by the year 1926. In 1956 they controlled nuclear processing plant in Ohio.

For the next six decades, he developed for a multinational company with earnings from more than 10 billion.

Recently, on 10 July 2008, the reputation Institute (RI) and Forbes magazine said their and Rubber Company as one of the more expensive the United States companies.In fact, in the automotive industry, it was hailed as most admired global company as the sixth place in the list of the most honourable American society.

A good marketing strategy employed by the good year is Goodyear Type Coupons.These coupons to customers to offset the purchases they have made détaillant.Comme stores the fact by many tire companies, also frees ligne.On just a discount coupons print valid coupon société.Un buyer website can buy these in their points of sale to tires or other vehicle parts mounting, or free shipping.

This technique advertising benefit both customers and society of tires.The client obtains the notion to be rewarded in exchange for the product he purchased o.d. ' on the other hand, the company provides a happy, loyal customer which probably buy more products thereof.

Therefore, the overall impact of t


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