Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bank of America faces more Foreclosure winds

Bank of America will include stocks to watch this morning after it has admitted to some document errors in lock mortgage crisis.

As Dan Fitzpatrick said in its history log, "" the Bank discovered these errors while the preparation of less than 1%, first that it intends to submit again before the courts in 23 States locking files. ""In other words, could be just end o ' tip of the iceberg.

Wells Fargo may also be water chaude.Dan note that shortly after that cfm CEO John Stumpf said earlier this month "in our company the signer of the affidavit and the examiner are the same Member of the team" a deposit in a trial indicated WFC uses feared robo-signatories who became the BofA and others providing hot water.

Magnitude of lock mortgage crisis remains uncertain, but larger banks, including J.P. Morgan Chase, have degrees of exposure .BofA, largely because of its national programme financial acquisition during the 2008 financial crisis, seems more exposed.

This is how the market sees, in America moins.Banque is approximately 15% since the crisis broke this month j. box.Morgan is approximately 6% and Wells Fargo is flat.

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