Monday, December 6, 2010

Dollar retired after the g-20 meetings

As my colleague Tom Lauricella planned in his position of Sunday, the dollar is fair game, out of the meeting of G20 Finance Ministers.

Stock Exchange morning in London, the dollar is lose losing ground in all areas more resolutely against the Japanese currency .the yen threatens to break 80 yen and perhaps record the lowest test nearly 79 yen. Weakness of the dollar against other currencies is less intense, with the exception of the Australian dollar with is more than 1%.

Weakness of the dollar, as pointed out Tom, follows from the Declaration of no "currency war" out of the g-20 meeting.Freely translated, means that countries are involved to pack in their own monnaie.Du not for some time.

Weigh on the dollar this morning, according to my colleague Nick Hastings: Goldman Sachs who suggest that the Federal Reserve will need to provide approximately $ 4 billion in easing research report quantitative in a "worst-case scenario".the most expect the fed to announce a program next month of may a fifth or sixth of this size.

The key question, Nick points out, the economy américaine.Si best data emerge, the worst of $4t could not be passer.Encore, is many EQ which King dollar bulls escaped.

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