Friday, December 17, 2010

Another quarter of Strong (although Sprint Nextel missed)

Sprint Nextel rain parade of earnings with a quarter of the worse than expected - but the company implements good spin on things that he can, noting that it added 644,000 net new customers to the trimestre.Revenus have increased, not including acquisitions, for the first time in three years.

But woe Sprint Nextel this morning is an unusual note in a season otherwise strong gains.Selon Yardeni Research, "with nearly 40% S & P 500 companies completed statement Q3 earnings so far, it becomes more clear that this will be yet another good earnings season!" His report was released before batch this morning to pay.

Looking at 198 500 companies in the blue chip index, gains are 9.4% above estimates analysts and revenues 0.8% above estimates analysts.Shows how high-end earnings surprises is much more difficult than net gains/surprises.Plus difficult to essentially of monkeys with top online.

For 198 companies, earnings were 76.8% higher than the last year revenues grew by 5.1 %.Cela might explain why, according to Moody, American companies have about 1 trillion dollars in cash sitting on their balance sheets.

Yardeni said "Q3 will mark the 500's S & P seventh straight positive earnings surprise after six negative surprises in a row by Q4-2008 .his last note: Telecom is"single sector earnings surprise negative so far".Ajoutez Sprint Nextel this lot!"

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