Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A quick review of Sesame trade

In my post yesterday about the profession of Sesame Street, some commentators have had a few questions and amiable NYSE and sufficient to provide a little mire.

You can verify that everything in detail here.

Firstly, as stressed GAH in comments, a trade of Sesame Street is a basket profession where a stock seems dépaysé.Rue Sesame is (was?) a long segment called "one of these things is not like the others." Even had a nifty melody. Cookie Monster has a beautiful version on YouTube.

In this case, Talbot was in a basket with a sea of financial stocks.Seemed strange.Sesame Street trades are often small errors, but sometimes they can represent smart maneuvers.For example, in a nutshell goes a lot of oil companies and Sears long rests on the idea that the decline in gasoline prices will stimulate more consumer spending.

In addition, my friend Ray Pellecchia NYSE Euronext argued that commercial errors are not - we're just noticed most fréquemment.Probablement juste.lorsque point I am married and I discovered all of a sudden had a jillion stories written about mariage.Point view is important.

Anyway, keep us on the case and see if we can't find ways the Muppets to inject into the speech of the investment.

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