Monday, December 27, 2010

Board on the next week: The Big Ones

Next week should be much occupied. Election Tuesday. Both expected announcement the Federal Reserve on QE2 is expected Wednesday.In addition, it will be a major job Friday report and many other data économiques.Voici depression.

  • Government will detail returned personal and figures expenditures for September Monday with construction costs for this month .the ' Institute for supply management is expected to report on the activities of manufacturing in October Monday and Wednesda services sector, when September factory orders report is due. Preliminary numbers for the third quarter productivity are Thursday and September next Friday consumer credit.
  • Republican victories Tuesday mid-term elections are likely to increase the ideological divide between the parties to the Congress. In the House of representatives, moderate to conservative Democrats are more likely to be replaced by newcomers, many of which come from tea party movement and ideologically are the right of current employees. The vote could produce a true followers of tea-party in the Senate, which will be the Centre of gravity between Republicans caucus it right.
  • The Federal Reserve should announce another series of quantitative easing when his Committee that defines a key interest rate meeting Tuesday and Wednesda y. According to a survey from Dow Jones Newswires, 11 of the largest banks 18 of the world believe that the Fed will buy a total of about 1 trillion dollars in obligations to the program.Six of the respondents consider buying-known total relaxation of the quantitative or EQ-will come anywhere from nearly $ 400 billion to $ 750 billion.
  • The rate of unemployment in October, at the next published Friday, is supposed to 9.6%, flat with September, according to group of economists surveyed by 45,000 for months, compared to the loss of 95,000 jobs added United States predicts website last month that the Governments of the States trimmed payrolls.This would be the first increase in the number of total jobs since mai.Les recent declines have been partly due to the end of the temporary posts census.
  • The u.s. annual sale rate for new vehicles in October will reach a peak close to two years, to the exclusion of the impact of "cash for Clunkers" results, thanks to a strong response to new models, according to website provides seasonally adjusted October annualized rate car total sales to approximately 11.9 million United States place septembre.Octobre 11.7 million sales expected to be approximately 920,200 units, or 11 percent over a year ago.However, General Motors Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. (TM, 7203.TO) are considered posting declines.
  • Major retailers are scheduled to report sales and store October Thursday as they head vacation crucial vente.En September season, stores posted u.s. monthly sales which were better that prévu.Une recent survey nearly 9,000 consumers, published by the National Retail Federation trade group has shown some signs that shoppers can relax their cords more last interviewed année.Personnes said overall, they intend spend on average $688.87 this time of holidays, up to approximately 1%.
  • A Joint Consultative Committee with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission will meet next Friday to discuss a report on 6 may "Flash crash."The report noted a large trade by mutual funds Waddell & Reed Financial Inc. as a trigger of falling market standards.the company ' sale order sparked a plunge in the stock market, causing the Dow Jones Industrial average dropped by 700 points in a few minutes.lors meeting at the headquarters of the CFTC in Washington, the Committee will discuss possible regulatory recommendations and responses to crash Flash.

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