Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More disorder Greek, Irish and Portuguese)

Peripheral zone euro have another day gross, especially Greece, Ireland Portugal.

Spread on 10-year bonds Greek German raised similar vs expanded 8.31 percentage points larger than 6.96(1) just a week ago percentage points way .the ' Ireland is 4.51 percentage points more wide, although more than 4.15 percentage points last week.Portugal is 3.56 3.43 percentage points percentage points.

According to the IFR, the research workshop, European banks are intervene to attempt to raise the "peripheral markets, with Greek bonds particularly need help grieving."Central banks have been well yesterday.Deutsche Bank also indicates that central banks have intervened in support of peripheral connections.

Predatory this morning a lot of fundamental reasons - the Greece fiscal mess is still a mess, Ireland is still faced with a banking problem of huge parties opposing the Portugal continue competing better budget for the future.

But a new ride is a story in the Daily Telegraph in London that describes how bond may get bitten by proposed stricter EU restructuring directrices.IFR desrcibes reaction of market history of Telegraph lines in the range of 5 years as a "panic mode" link.

Swap credit - default is a relatively thin market in most markets bond soveriegn, are also reinforce the trend between périphériques.Markit, an enterprise database market, says fresh CDS have increased by 5% to 10% for the Ireland, the Greece and the Portugal this morning.

Perhaps that is why European stock markets are so hot today.

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